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Well, after an unexpected but welcome extended stay in Frisco, we are home! We decided to stay through Father's Day. It's usually complicated to try & get to Dallas on those weekends so we took advantage.

We had a fabulous time on Saturday when we went to the Perot Museum of Nature & Science. Gotta remember in the future that they have reciprocal membership with the ATSC museums. If we'd had our Little Rock MoD cards, we could've gotten me, Ganon & Bryan in for free!

It was a VERY worthwhile museum trip. They had an entire hall dedicated to birds, much to Ganon's delight. When he found out about the bird hall, he barely had patience for anything else until we went to see it. He designed his own bird, flew around as an eagle, learned about different types of beaks being for different types of food, etc. My favorite part was the hall of minerals, where a zillion different minerals & gemstones were on display. It was ruined only by a presentation on the wonders, beneficial properties, & complete safety of fracking for natural gas. -_- After we left that presentation I pulled Ganon aside & gave him the 7 year old appropriate talk about how people will only tell you the GOOD things about something if they stand to make a great deal of money from it. Please note, this is a museum in Texas, specifically in the area of one of the largest natural gas shales in the US, and in a state that's quite used to oil money. *sigh* It's okay, though. It's an opportunity to teach Ganon to think critically. Parenting moment!

Skyline of Dallas, Texas from the museum itself.

Bryan & Ganon at a photo opportunity
My boys at a museum photo opportunity spot!

Wooden tile art
Two girls playing with an art installation. A tiny camera filmed you as you stood in front of it. It rendered you extremely low resolution so you'd be pixelated, and then the wooden tiles tilted to be more or less shadowed to create the image. Very intriguing.

Another angle on Chompy

Underwater dinosaur


The dark green mineral at top center is my favorite of the entire hall. It looks like green fire.

Galena? Or fossilized Borg cube?

I like the way they light many of these, leaving you with the sense that they glow from the interior.

Drove home on Monday. Bryan went to the doctor yesterday for his completely stopped up ears; he can't hear anything & has a huge problem in white noise situations. Turns out he has a middle ear infection, which is uncommon for adults. Poor guy. I think when his allergies went completely insane at Wakarusa, he ended up with a sinus infection which ended up as an ear infection. Yet another strike against camping if we do a festival next year. He's got antibiotics & steroids now.

We are now chilling out at home, doing laundry & things like that. We had been planning a trip to New Orleans, but given our extended stay in Dallas, I think we'd rather have a very chill, low-key vacation. Now we're considering staying up at our cabin in Hardy for a few days & making it a jumping off point for some other adventures, like exploring Mountain Home & seeing Blanchard Springs caverns & stuff like that. There will be LOTS of photos of that!
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I am the funniest mama because I took a photo of ancient dinosaur butts for him.


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