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As previously mentioned here is the house I love so much. In keeping with my tendency to name my houses, I have already dubbed it Redwood House. It sounds like a place where a writer might have a retreat, or where a lady might sit at her writing desk and send letters to her friends (which second scene I fully intend to make happen).

It's an older house, which is something I love. My favorite home designs were built in the 70s and 80s. This is a split level with essentially 3 floors to the house: the entry, den, guest bedroom, and a laundry/bath on the first level, the living, dining & kitchen on the middle level, and the bedrooms on the top. There are 3 sets of stairs all together; one from the entry to the living room, one from the living room to the bedrooms, and one from the den to the kitchen. The house gets its name from the real redwood siding, which is the first thing that drew me to it. Without having to be painted, it's easily the most colorful home on the block.

Other huge draws: the yards are both already landscaped, and I would simply have to maintain it. The en suite bathroom has an enormous walk-in closet, two sinks, and a bathtub I can sit down in (unlike the small, 1970s bathtub I have now). There's a deck out back with a tree growing up through it, which is SO COOL. The laundry room isn't in a basement the way mine is now; I didn't think that would make it less accessible, but it really does. In Redwood House, the laundry is just off the den, which is just adjoining to the guest bedroom. In the guest bedroom is a panic room! The back wall of the guest bedroom closet pushes in, and there's a finished panic room with a built-in desk and a bit of storage. How cool is that? There's a workshop out back that we aren't sure what we would do with, except to keep things that we store in the garage now, perhaps. The entire north wall of the living room is a stone fireplace wall. I adore it!

There are some drawbacks; mainly, the entire kitchen would have to be remodeled. This is an unfortunate reality of loving homes built in the 70s/80s. They all have very small, closed off kitchens paired with formal dining rooms. That's just not how we eat today; especially not my family. We much prefer a larger, eat-in kitchen. There's an entire wall I'd want to lose, if we could manage to build an island there instead. There's also kitschy painted floral tile, and that's not my bag; I prefer clean lines in vivid, contrasting colors. It's far too much house for only 3 people, but I have grand ideas of my friends coming to visit me from far-flung places, so I actually would like to have a guest bedroom again. So [livejournal.com profile] stripedsocks and [livejournal.com profile] lkemp can come see me!

All the drawbacks can be fixed, though, and I love the house enough to really want to do it. I can't wait until it's a possibility. <3
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I have to work tonight, but as usual for my first day back, I cannot sleep. I'm finding this to be common among us night-shifties; we have no problems sleeping the days AFTER we work, but sleeping during that day BEFORE the first night, ick. We all lie in bed, blinking at the walls. Sometimes I try & stay up really late that night before, but Bryan is my problem with that. He likes to go to sleep at the same time; he really hates going to bed without me in any case, and when actually home it just makes him pout. :) So I always end up going to bed with him, and then I'm left where I am today: entirely unable to sleep during the day when I have to stay up literally until 7am tomorrow morning. 8am if you count my commute home...which you should.

The house buying is going well. We have officially jumped through all of the necessary loan hoops, and now we are just waiting on the appraiser to email his/her findings to the loan originator. We have done our part, & now it's just a "sit here until we hear back" thing. OMG I AM NOT SO GREAT AT THIS PART, AKSHULLY.

Work tonight. I'm considering taking up a few extra shifts here & there because of our down payment. We have enough to make it on the conventional loan, but it's pretty much going to decimate our savings. My parents keep saying they wish they could give me the money to make the down payment and I keep trying to tell them they're nuts: if we had to pay for the labor on everything they are about to do to this house to make it move-in ready...well, we couldn't. There's no way. They ARE giving us a lot of money--just not in actual dollars. Pulling up the carpet, refinishing the kitchen & bathroom cabinets, actually tearing part of the kitchen out, not to mention helping us move all our junk into the house & arranging it, and the help with walking through the house-buying process...what my parents have done for us is invaluable. Arguably we got the house thanks to my family: my brother found it with a sign in the yard, and he called Daddy. When Daddy called the "for sale by owner" number, it turned out to be a person he knew! They gave us first dibs on the house because of Daddy, & the fact that they knew us to be trustworthy & "good folks" because of him.

This time around, I'm in a position to try & do things in as environmentally friendly way as I can. I love hardwood floors, but instead I'm going with laminate: it has the look, feel, & function of hardwood but no actual hardwoods have to be harvested for vinyl laminate. Also it's cheaper than bamboo, which was my other sustainable flooring choice. Bamboo would've been my preference, but it's about $3 a square foot, where laminate is $1. I wanted to do recycled glass countertops, but the only place in Arkansas that does those is across the state, and I get the idea they might be massively expensive.

I'm just SO excited, and I hate this waiting game. I'm already thinking about having everyone over to roast marshmallows in the fire pit, hang out on the Deck of Awesome, and play video games in the den & Apples To Apples in the living room. I'm thinking about how I can line the den & living room walls with bookcases. I'm thinking about how I'll have to learn to care for & use a wood-burning fireplace & how excited I am about that. I'm thinking about how happy Ganon will be to have his train table in his own room now that he's got the space for it. I'm thinking how funny it is when he runs around "the circle"--from den to living room to hallway to kitchen back to the den. I'm thinking about sitting on my couch and looking out the window into my awesome back yard in all kinds of weather: sunshine, snow, rain. I just HATE this limbo we're in. I want to move forward! I want to start getting this done so I can get in that house!

And away from this farm. The last couple of months have had no rain, and the stock pond behind our house has dried up. This means there's a giant mass of dead fish in a dry pond. I WILL LEAVE YOUR IMAGINATION TO DECIDE WHAT THAT SMELLS LIKE. Hint: Bryan & I have been referring to the scent as "dead ass fish". This can be either "dead-ass fish" or "dead assfish". TAKE YOUR PICK. This is what the outside of my house smells like right now.
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I want a fire pit! There's a big brick inlay in my NEW BACKYARD and it's just begging for a big square fire pit. We will be having a housewarming party. With FIRE. Because FIRE is WARM. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Marshmallow roast at my house, peeps.

So. New house checklist:

1) Paint on all interior walls. Warm color throughout, super-awesome accent wall in each room. Den gets painted eggplant or dark red or something else superbly bold.
2) Yank up that pink carpet. 'Cause damn, yo.
3) Put in some black walnut laminate flooring because a) cheap b) durable c) gorgeous. Seriously have you seen this stuff?
4) Put new countertops in the kitchen. Because the current stuff is pink. WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE PINK I DON'T EVEN. It is not my color.
6) Put our stuff in the house.
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Photos of our house at 2921 Turtle Creek Drive!

We will be replacing all the pink carpet with laminate flooring (probably Brazilian cherry or bamboo!). The den will be our entertainment room, our kitchen will be expanded into the dining room (we much prefer an eat-in kitchen), we don't yet know WHAT amazing possibilities the basement holds, and I am SO KEEPING that bad, incredible, chandelier.

Front Door

Pictures of my house! )
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I do it every so often, you know. Ratings are completely arbitrary gauges of my interest.

2221 Louisiana Street. Historical house: built in 1909! <3! Their taste in decor is...not mine, but the house itself is awesome. Four bedroom, which is precisely what we need. 8/10.

1916 Stagecoach Village. Hardwood floors! Big open spaces! If there's anything that can trump a truly old house for me, it's those 2 things. Old houses tended to have well-defined rooms and I really do prefer open spaces. Check out the walk-in shower and that awesome bathtub too. Loses one point because it's quite far from my favorite parts of Little Rock (closer to where I-430 & I-630 meet). 9/10.

2704 S. Arch. It loses a little for being kinda ugly on the outside front, but again it's an old house. Build in 1910, it's actually very large & open on the inside. Hardwood floors throughout, a great bathroom, and OMG LOOK AT THE BALCONY. The major problem here is neighborhood. I don't think this is a very good one. 8/10.

3014 Valley Park. Now, the house looks boring on the outside but the neighborhood info indicates this is where we'd fit. This is off of Hinson, up past where we always go for the Greek Food Festival. It's very near some of my favorite parts of Little Rock (like my favorite grocery stores). Furnishings in this house indicate someone with taste very like mine; there is extremely colorful abstract art on the wall, a crazy rug in the living room (again, wood floors!) and leather furniture. I love the ceiling in the dining room. Four bedrooms, too. This one interests me enough that I want to drive down & take a tour of it. 10/10.

12412 Coleen. Most of the 12 photos are of the kitchen. Boring. But the neighborhood is, again, one of my favorites. There are 4 bedrooms and bonus points for a few walls in the house being painted RED. 9/10.

3 Ludington Cove. The photos leave me thinking I might suffocate in the tiny, closed off rooms, but I'd have to look at it to know whether that's just my impression from the photos or not. I like this neighborhood; again, we fit the demographics and it's geographically right in the spot I like (i.e. 10 minutes to the Whole Foods, about 5 minutes to Kavanaugh Heights).

I'm looking at condominiums too, but I'm finding problems with that. I have yet to see a 4 bedroom condo, and that's what we're going to want: Master bedroom, Ganon's room, Office, and Room-for-kid-not-yet-established. The other problem is that most condo locations are billing themselves as "luxury condo communities" and WHOA that means expensive. Sucks, too, because a couple of the downtown ones would be perfect for the place I want to work.

Orowheat Sandwich Thins. Picked some of these buggers up at Kroger, thinking they looked like flatbread & maybe they'd be good. OMG THESE ARE MADE FOR HUMMUS. According to the company info you're supposed to use them to make sandwiches or whatever, but I don't know why you'd do that when they are so beyond perfect for hummus. Right now I'm eating one spread with Spicy 3 Pepper hummus for breakfast and I can hardly explain how awesome it is. BUT I'm thinking these would also be awesome for cucumber sandwiches (probably with hummus), and I could see making a turkey pastrami on one, or a million other things. Peanut butter & banana or apple. Nutella would be straight up good on these. I'm thinking I could eat them toasted with stew. On their own, they taste really "hearty," so whatever you associate with that sort of thing, they'd probably go great with.

I slept last night, but I'm about to go BACK to bed & get a sleep overdose so I can stay up tonight for work. Maybe I'll take a sandwich on one of these little round things for midnight lunch. I think if I go to sleep now I'll wake up early & do some laundry & things before I go in tonight.

What wouldn't I give to find a temporary hair dye that made my hair the color it is in this icon again?


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