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Aug. 11th, 2009 11:40 am
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I have an interview! St. Bernards hospital called me today. The ER position has been filled, but they told me they had a huge need on 2&3 East...cardiac floors. Ick. I'm not much for that & I think I want more experience before I head into an area I'm not comfy in. However, I spent 2.5 weeks working on 2 North this summer. Over this weekend I'd been thinking of applying there; I liked it when I was there. I woke up happy to go into work. I told all
this to the human resources lady, who then informed me they had PRN, weekend options, full time days & full time nights available on 2 North! In other words: YES, come work here!

So I have an interview on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm for the floor I liked most in the hospital outside the emergency dept. I feel comfortable & kinda excited. Floor nursing will keep my skills & knowledge honed while I wait to take the boards, & it will also teach me better time management. And as [personal profile] starry_midnight told me in an email, the place to really learn the heart & soul of a hospital is on the floor. If I decide to move to the ER, I can always make an internal move, which is easier, & then I'd have more experience to work with.

Bonus points: Q works nights on 2 Main, which is right down the hall & around the corner from 2 North! It's a sign!!!

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I'm job hunting. We've lived this long on just Bryan's salary & we don't have school to pay for right now, so I'm being a bit picky. I want an ER job, specifically one at night. Nighttime is when all the crazy stuff happens, and I want the ER for the craziness and the action. I'm actually thinking, crazy as this sounds, of The Med in Memphis. I'd only be commuting 3 days a week, and they have both a trauma center (named after Elvis Presley!) and a burn center. It's not the big burn center in the area (that honor goes to the one housed at Arkansas' Children's in Little Rock), nor is it accredited by the American Burn Association, but it is a burn center nonetheless.

Here are the websites I'm stalking:

St. Bernard's career opportunities. Beware the automatically-played advertisement type thing. It's halfway down the page on the right if you wanna turn it off. You will.

NEA Baptist Memorial career opportunities.

Career opportunities at The Med. You have to click in a few places; it's a generated page, so I can't link it.

My long term career goals are starting to come together now that I have time to think beyond just "RN." There are at least 2 things I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I want.

1) My SANE certification. SANE stands for "sexual assault nurse examiner" and I'm quite sure I want the "adult/adolescent" certification. I'm not sure about "pediatric". My communication skills are at their best with adults or teens, and I'm not sure I'd be very good at pediatric. However, I won't rule it out. This is something that's been extremely important to me since I first learned about it, and it's the major reason I am interested in trauma in general. If I limit myself to only burns, I'm limiting myself from things this--things that are just as important to me, if not more.

2) A DNP, or doctorate of nursing practice. Yes indeed, I'm already thinking about more school. Not right now, of course; I want much more experience than I have right now (which is not hard). But eventually this is where I'm going. I wanted a career that gave me two things: the ability to work with people directly and the ability to take my education to the highest available levels. This type of program incorporates both. It's for the nurse who wants a doctorate, but who wants to remain at the bedside. The goal of the DNP is to drive evidence-based practice; these are the nurses who are conducting research, deciding how that information applies to nursing practice, then figuring out how to implement that in direct patient care. I can go through a master's first, or I can go straight from a BSN. One of the schools offering the DNP, you'll notice, is Texas Women's University, in Dallas where my in-laws live.

Thinking about these now, I can see how one could greatly benefit the other. There's a potential here for me to really advance the handling & treatment of sexual assault victims. I wonder if there's someone out there who's interested in mental health nursing who'd like to team up with me on this? HMMMMM?

For now, however, first things first. JOB. Anyone need an ER nurse?

This & That

Aug. 8th, 2009 05:07 pm
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I started this journal entry something like 2 weeks ago and never finished it. Having looked through it, it doesn't look like there's anything time-sensitive in it or anything, so what the hey! I'll just update it and post it anyway!

This is an old Friday Five...

# Do you like your handwriting?
I do like my handwriting! I could stand for it to be a bit neater when I'm in a hurry, but it's round and easily readable. That's all anyone asks when you're charting, and you wouldn't believe the number of times I got complimented on my handwriting in ICU (the charting is all paper in the NEA ICU).

# Do you prefer to print or write in cursive?
My handwriting is a strange hybrid of the two. I imagine most people's is, actually.

# Do you think handwriting should be graded in school?
Absolutely yes. Handwriting is a form of communication. If it cannot be read then the communication doesn't happen, period. I think it should be graded both in elementary school and then again in medical school because HOLY CRAP, PHYSICIANS. Everybody always laughs about not being able to read the prescription they get from the doctor, but try being the RN looking at those orders when you're in the hospital. A doctor comes by and writes an order for 4mg of IV Zofran in your chart and I'm like "OMG tis Zoltan? WHAT?"

# Do you prefer writing in pencil or pen?
Pen, without a doubt. Also, if I'm writing in pencil I want the paper to be directly against the table or desk, but if I'm writing in pen I want a couple of sheets underneath for padding. Pencils aren't allowed in the hospital, anyway, though.

# When you write in ink, do you prefer a neutral color such as black or blue, or a fun color like purple or green?
I much prefer crazy colors, but I'm not allowed in the hospital. In fact, I'm not even allowed blue; black ink is the only kosher color for hospital charting.

Via [personal profile] jorajo: if you know anything about news media, this is a fabulous article. 30 Media Muggles and their Potterverse counterparts. You've got 2 guesses who got "Fred & George Weasley". Seriously, this was GREAT.

Why Jimmy Carter left the Southern Baptist Convention. This has been making the rounds and people, I can't tell you how happy it makes me. It just makes me want to stand up and applaud for Jimmy Carter and scream "YES. THIS. THANK YOU." and then give him a giant hug and a batch of homemade cookies. Because the internet is evanescent and because, as Shapely Prose says, the comments are all by Baptists and probably take up too many Sanity Watchers points, I'm going to copy the text of the link here: Text )

Took this from the ever-thought-provoking [personal profile] axelrod...and this is the first time I remember seeing a meme from hir.

Lots of pillows or just one?
Two: one shaped memory foam pillow at my head and one fat squishy body pillow to wallow all over in lieu of my husband, who doesn't like to be wallowed while he is asleep.

What kind of books do you read?
Fantasy, mostly. Big fan of Jacqueline Carey, Robert Jordan, Mercedes Lackey. I'm very much a fan of fluff in my reading. There's a lot of pain & hurt in my occupation, and distraction is one of my best coping skills for things I cannot change. In fact, Jacqueline Carey came out with another book just as I graduated: "Naamah's Kiss". Quite a good one.

What are your most awesome skills?
Pain tolerance (though this has been a drawback when I did not recognize pain as an indicator of a serious medical problem), communicating with other humans, knitting, crocheting, and my entire repertoire of nursing-specific skills: starting an IV, placing a Foley catheter, giving injections, communicating with panicking humans specifically.

What's your occupation?
I'M A NURSE! Or, well, I soon will be. As soon as I take the boards, I'll be a registered nurse in the state of Arkansas.

What's really creepy?
The dark when I'm alone. Seriously I just really hate the dark when I'm by myself.

The rest is under the cut )

We just got back from Memphis, where we went with Bryan's parents! You see, I was standing on the stage at our pinning ceremony, figuring out what I could do with the sound system and the projection screen. Bryan & Q were already there, and I looked up randomly and caught Q's eye. She was grinning in a funny way, and I saw other members of my family. There's Aunt G, there's Uncle A, there's Christy, there's Momma...wait, CHRISTY?! Christy & Walter, my in-laws, live in Dallas! They came all the way to Jonesboro to watch me graduate from the ASU School of Nursing. How sweet was that?! They also brought me a gift: a Coach purse in bright orange with dark hot pink highlights and interior. The little tag that says "Coach" is even clear, filled with glitter & sequins. A more "Hillary" purse has never existed.

We went to Memphis with them yesterday; we spent the night and spent today playing around with Ganonbug. Their flight left at 4:50 (was supposed to leave at 2pm but was cancelled & they were rescheduled on a later flight). It was a really nice little mini-vacation with them. I love my in-laws a lot.

Now Ganon is poking me and insisting I play MarioKart Wii. He also marched into the kitchen, held up a Wiimote at me and said "Look what I found!" in a singsong voice. ^o^ Given the way the last year has gone, having to do a million things when he wanted to spend time with me, I think I'm going to go and play a couple of rounds of Kart. ^_^


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