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More pictures from the DMB concert on September 29th. These were uploaded just last night, since the broadband connection here is MUCH better than at home.
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On September 29, 2009, the marvelous [personal profile] asqmh and I attended a fabulous Dave Matthws Band concert in North Little Rock, Arkansas, at Dickey-Stephens Stadium. HOW SO FUN?!

First of all: I ditched a computer training course at the hospital for this. Come on. How could I not?

We left at like 1:30 or 2-ish and drove to Little Rock. Q kept trying to take a nap but the fact that we cannot HELP but talk about fascinating & important subjects (like makeup, politics, cupcakes, religion, attractive men, fashion, and world peace) hindered the nap greatly. When we arrived in Little Rock we found the stadium right away. I yelled out the window to ask the waiting fans what time the doors opened, and they yelled back that it would be 5pm. We drove across the bridge to find a bathroom & kill a bit of time at the River Market, which I maintain is one of the coolest places in any large city. Seriously, anyone who comes to visit me from now on is getting a River Market visit. I love it so. We bought souvenirs there; beaded necklaces & earrings from a nice lady named Becky and sunglasses from a little tourist trap called Shop the Rock. Mostly so Q's retinas would not become charbroiled.

At about 4:45 we got back in the car and crossed the bridge again...very very slowly this time. Traffic was getting very bad in anticipation of the concert. We still got a pretty choice parking spot. I'm glad we chose to come down early & get in as the doors opened.
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Oct. 3rd, 2009 06:18 pm
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Gratuitous icon post to show off my tiny little Jeff Coffin. Playing 2 different saxes during Squirm (I think) at the Little Rock show. I also have one of him actually playing 2 at the same time during Jimi Thing. I lose my marbles when he does that.

Photos from the concert are uploading to Flickr now. I chose 85 out of the 404 that I took. I evidently had my camera set on a smaller photo size than I meant to, but that's okay. I am short and there were lots of people in front of me, and I do not have a good zoom lens for my DSLR just yet, so the photos weren't as great as they could be. As the next concert's photos will be. ^_~


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