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Birthdate:Mar 12
Location:Arkansas, United States of America
Friends can see my emergency contact information here.

"I ain't waitin' for the world to change
Gonna change the world for you..."--"Shake Me Like A Monkey" by Dave Matthews Band

I'm a 30-something emergency nurse practitioner with a husband, a son, a dog, a yard, a Honda HR-V named Ruby Rhod, and a penchant for delicious produce. I earned my Doctorate in Nursing Practice in 2016. I'm plus-sized and more than okay with that. I'm a body acceptance advocate & I believe in health at every size. I'm an introvert who learned to fake extroversion so well that I fooled myself for years. I'm QUITE a fan of Dave Matthews Band, and I am still trying to figure out how Jeff Coffin writes music that sounds like the inside of my head. I'm an optimist by nature...but a pragmatist by experience. I'm an Episcopalian Christian with a liberal dash of humanism. I'm politically progressive. I own & check my privilege & I accept being called on it. I'm educated, open-minded, and determined to learn everything before I die. AND I live in and love the state of Arkansas.

"Funny the way it is
Whether it's right or it's wrong
Someone's heart is broken and it becomes your favorite song..." --"Funny The Way It Is" by Dave Matthews Band

I love Jesus, hats, crazy eyeshadow, purple lipstick, clogs, the downtown Little Rock trolleys, Mountain Dew Code Red, nursing students, sushi with spicy sauces, altruism, brightly colored bicycles, incense, bells & chimes, pie, the Little Rock River Market & Trail, kindness, cheese that kicks me in the face, farmers' markets, skirts, photography, Eureka Springs, temporary hair dye in outrageous colors, dry erase boards, public gardens, personal responsibility, rhinestones, Apple computers, the Ozarks, smoothies in pretty drinking glasses, painted toenails, and coffee. I have a deep and profound love for human beings that sometimes crushes me. I love more things than I hate.

"No I don't believe in the wasting of time
But I don't believe that I'm wasting mine..." --"Waltz (Better Than Fine)" by Fiona Apple

I hate apathy, cruelty, carelessness toward other humans, and curry. I hate immaturity in those who should know better. I hate physical pain, sadness, brown recluse spider bites, fear, and senseless death. I hate the smell of burned cooking oil. See? I told you. ^_~

"We can only help others to do their duty
By doing what we ourselves believe to be right.
It is the one supremely social act..." --"Sojourn of Arjuna", by Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
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