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Coffee pods for those Keurig machines. Lots of waste there. Normally I use the re-usable cups & grind my own coffee, so that's just coffee grounds for waste. However, I ran out of coffee, and as I order mine from Eureka Springs, I needed a stop-gap. At Kroger last night, I found their Simple Truth organic brand came in a bag, & I wondered how that worked for pods. Poking at the bag, I realized they were squishy & small, but STILL said "For use in brewers that use K-cups". Out of curiosity (and need for coffee) I got them. Here they are!
Coffee Pods
On the left is a K-cup from Green Mountain (I drink decaf, but rarely, so I usually keep a few of these on hand). On the right is the Kroger Simple Truth pod. The coffee container is a small, tough mesh. If you were inclined to reduce waste, you could take the coffee grounds out of it, collapsing it down to something about the side of an average peel-off lid. I thought that was a neat idea to reduce waste.

Now for some fashion! :D Bryan & I really like shirts from the geeky, one-shirt-a-day places. He does mens' 2X, and I usually do men's XL, unless we're ordering from TeeFury, where I can do a women's 3X (I'm a size 16 with thick biceps & a belly). We did TeeFury's grab bag this time, and also there's one in here from Shirt!woot, which I got because the combo of emerald green & biology nerdery was too much for me.

Nerd shirts for cute fatties! )
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Why yes, I am planning to drink this entire pot of coffee. Out of my pot Bryan bought me off Amazon, & my mismatched Fiestaware from the Borg trip to Eureka Springs. Where I am still planning to live after I obtain my doctorate in nursing practice. Just sayin'. Oh, & it's a public pot of coffee because I've chosen to go back to overall public entries unless I have a reason for friends only. There are a lot of people I'd like to read these entries who don't have LJ accounts.

Bryan is playing Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands. I am jamming out to Jeff Coffin on my iPad (I didn't know I needed one until I got this one for Christmas, & now it's my freaking baby) & new Gumy headphones. I'm pretty picky about earbuds. They have to sound awesome & not hurt my ears, & almost ALL shapes hurt my ears. I finally found a single brand that meets both requirements: JVC Gumy. They've recently changed them to Gumy Plus & I'm afraid they'll discontinue the original line, so I've bought a bunch from Hastings. :) Hastings has been doing a buyback program for video games, & we took advantage. For every 3 games you sold to them, they'd give you $25 extra in-store credit. So Bryan purged his collection & now we have a boatload of Hastings money. Stuff appears to be cheaper on the website.

So you remember that job I took in December? I'm still that...but I haven't been able to do the job, not even once! The goal is that i would be a "float charge", helping everyone else, doing discharges, & making sure that patient education was being done. We just don't have enough nurses, so they can never afford (budget wise) to let me go without a team. They could technically get a staff support nurse & let me float, but staff support nurses are expensive. Other floors with healthier budgets can do it, but for some reason our budget is just crap. I'd like to see where that money is going. We DO require more nurses per patients (being a progressive care floor, our nurse to patient ratio is 1:4, whereas other floors in the hospital to 1:6 or 1:7), so maybe it's that. We ARE getting new nurses, now that graduation has happened. I'm training one (though that's on hold since she did not pass boards & must wait 45 days to take them again) & I think she'll do well. The other duckling belongs to Angie, but I personally urged her to apply to our floor. She's no nonsense, she's got backbone, & she's hella smart. She WILL do well, & I am going to do everything to make sure she stays on our unit.

We're getting a new TV& I'm all up in this project! Bryan has always wanted a 50" LCD for the living room. We found a great deal on one on target.com (plus we have a Red Card so that's 5% off). We're going to move the one currently in the living room into the basement along with the other Apple TV. That will make it distinctly awesomer to do laundry in the basement for extended periods of time. <3 Also it will be nice when we're stuck down there during crap weather. Usually with my whole family.

Well. Ganon is bored to tears. I think we shall go to Home Depot & buy some impatiens for the front yard planters. Later I'll post my Wakarusa photos. I tried last night, but evidently uploading that many pics from the LJ app was just too much & it disappeared into the ether.

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Behind this cut I will be complaining about the drawbacks of having my period. If that kinda thing is not your cup of tea, run along plzkthx.

Ouch )

I have ibuprofen. I'm going to take a lot of it now.

Yesterday I found someone who had figured out what I already wanted to do with Flickr. I will share it with you! Posting to Dreamwidth blogs via Flickr. It works neatly, as you can see in my previous entries. I was looking up the wrong API; I had once used Atom to post to LJ via LoudTwitter, so I assumed that Dreamwidth would work on the same concept. It never would've occurred to me that it might be the Blogger API, which was also an option on Flickr.

Another thing that bothers me about Flickr is that I had to change my primary blog from LJ to DW. You can post a photo to your primary blog via Flickr by sending an email with a picture to your regular Flickr address with a "2blog" extention before the @, but only to your primary blog. If you have multiple blogs set up at Flickr, you can only choose one to which you can post by email. It seems like it wouldn't be that hard to add another bit to that to tell Flickr to which blog you'd like to send this photo, like "donkle84nuts2blogLJ@flickr.com" versus "donkle84nuts2blogDW@flickr.com". Or even just numbers. It shouldn't be such a big deal to me because I have tons of storage space at LJ and can always use the Livejournal app on my iPhone to post to that one. Setting up my primary posting journal to be DW means I can now post photos on the run to DW and to LJ. It does bug me on principle, though.

On Saturday, when Q & I went to the Memphis Farmer's Market & had a delightful day, I neglected to buy more coffee from the delightful McCarter Coffee Company. I love how their tagline says "the best coffee you'll ever taste" because you guys, I'm not sure it's an exaggeration. This is some of the boldest, smoothest coffee with the neatest, most distinct bite. I got the Rwandan and I just ground the last of it yesterday. I think that might be enough to get me through this weekend but holy cow. I'm never going to want to order from another roaster again. The Rwanda is good, the Burundi looks intriguing, Kenyan AA is always amazing (o u c whut i did thar?) and in a revelation that makes my little African-coffee-loving-heart sing, they have a Tanzanian blend. <33333

Oh dear. I just talked myself into ordering a bag of Tanzania whole bean. Anyone want to come over for coffee & donuts?

Every spring, without fail, I get the urge to start painting my toenails. All of my polishes right now are old & not very great anymore. I hear OPI has a new brand they're selling at Target. Most intriguing; if Ganon & I go into town this week, I might give that a look.


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