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1. What do you do to encourage yourself when going through hard times?
That depends on what the hard times are. If I'm struggling through something I can't affect, I use the phrase "Can't go around it, so I gotta go through it." Time will eventually lessen the blow, and in the meantime I use distraction to great effect. Just keep living life intentionally instead of letting it happen to you. Take action where you can. The only constant in life is change.

2. How do you motivate others?
Again, if someone's going through something hard that they can't change (a breakup, death of a loved one), I try to use distraction and humor. It gives a bit of relief from the constant ache. That said, I also listen if what they need to do is vent, and I try not to be a "fixer" if that's not what they need.

If someone is DOING something hard, like making a decision or performing some action, I motivate them by telling them all the things they've accomplished before, & how they can do this thing now. I also like to point out how it's better to regret having done something than having done nothing. :) GRAB LIFE & EAT IT!

3. Who do you talk to for encouragement and inspiration?
I have a fantastic support system. I have a husband & BFFs & family who all think very highly of me & my abilities, and they're always available for encouragement.

4. What books have offered encouragement and inspiration?
I use books mainly for distraction purposes. The tension of doing something very difficult (grad school for example) leads to a lot of stress build-up for me, and one of the best ways to diffuse that a little is to read a book that has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Fluffy scifi & fantasy are my super favorites.

5. Which of your family members have encouraged you most over the years?
That has to be Bryan. The best decision I ever made was to marry him. He believes in my ability to do basically anything, and he supports me in whatever it is I want to do. Before I got on the elevator to go to my grad school interview, the last thing he said to me was "Whatever we have to do to make this work, we will do it. We will make it through this, and you will get a doctorate." From little things to the very biggest thing I've ever undertaken, Bryan never doubts me and always offers whatever support I need.

Moar meme

Jun. 26th, 2014 12:51 pm
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Again, stealing a "fill in the blanks" from [livejournal.com profile] thejessone because I love them. They're fun & they make my brain wake up.


- Available:  Nope. Married for 14 years to the love of my life.

- Age: 35, I think. I can't keep up.

- Annoyance: Not being able to get hold of ANY OFFICE at my school on the first phone call. You ALWAYS have to leave a message & someone calls you back.

- Animal: Elephant


- Beer: Cider. Preferably Woodchuck.

- Birthday: Marsh 12

- Best Friend(s): [livejournal.com profile] thejessone, [livejournal.com profile] asqmh, & Bryan

- Body Part on attractive person: Smile. Has to be bright, open & engaged.

- Best feeling in the world: Figuring out a perfect solution to a sticky problem

- Blind or Deaf: Blind

- Best weather: Partly cloudy with a high of 72 and a slight breeze from the south

- Been in Love: Very definitely

- Been on stage?: Yes.

- Believe in Magic: No, but don't I wish!

- Believe in Santa: Heh. I don't think I ever did!


- Candy: Snickers Dark, Milky Way Midnight, Reese's Dark, Dark Kit Kat. If they would ONLY make a dark chocolate Twix I'd be set.

- Color: Purple, red, & green

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate, specifically dark

- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican

- Cake or pie: PIE!

- Continent to visit: Australia & Asia. They're so close I can just hit them both at once, right?

- Cheese: ALL OF IT. Huntsman is my all-time favorite, however.


- Day or Night: Night

- Dance in the rain: With my BFFs!


- Eyes: Gray

- Everyone's got: Something to teach others

- Ever failed a class?: No, although I did drop a geology class once at Harding because it was taking up too much effort for a general education class, & I felt like it was detracting from other classes.


- First thoughts waking up: COFFEE.

- Food: Definitely. All of it. Except curry.


- Greatest Fear: Not being able to help

- Goals: Doctorate in Nursing Practice. C'mon, May 2016!

- Gum: is gross.

- Get along with your parents?: I do indeed.

- Good luck charm: Makeup, maybe? When my makeup looks super awesome, I feel more confident & I do better. I don't go into an exam without killer makeup, especially perfect eyeliner & lipstick.


- Hair Color: Copper red

- Height: 5'5"

- Happy: Pretty darn happy!

- Holiday: This one is hard! I really love all holidays! I'll say for major holiday: the Thanksgiving-Christmas season and for minor: St. Patrick's Day because I got married on it.

- How do you want to die: At the ripe old age of 92 I will lay my Harley-Davidson motorcycle down in a successful last-ditch effort not to hit a little girl walking a puppy across the street. It will be instant.


- Ice Cream: Buttermilk vanilla from Loblolly Creamery in Little Rock, AR

- Instrument: I am capable of playing the flute, the piano & singing. I don't do so much of the instruments anymore.


- Jewelry: Wedding ring, earrings. If the earrings are dangly, no necklace, but if they're studs, I usually wear a necklace as well.

- Job: Graduate student technically, but I am an RN training to be an acute care nurse practitioner with a doctorate in nursing practice.


- Kids: Ganon, the coolest 7 year old I've ever met

- Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing! I should take it up.

- Keep a journal?:  I'm getting back into this one!


- Love: the whole world! Boom de yada!

- Letter: H

- Laughed so hard you cried: The last time I played Cards Against Humanity with the Borg, Bryan, [livejournal.com profile] stripedsocks & [livejournal.com profile] moogintroll.


- Milk flavor: Milk.

- Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Matrix trilogy, the current Marvel universe movies

- Motion sickness?: No, unless I'm wearing an Oculus Rift. In that case, DEBILITATING motion sickness.

- McD’s or BK: Taco Bell! But if I gotta choose between those two, I'd say Burger King.


- Number: 4


- One wish: That someday I get to have an RV.


- Perfect Pizza: Greek pizza without chicken from Upper Crust in Jonesboro, AR. The Lucky 7 from Mazzio's comes a close 2nd.

- Pepsi/Coke: Dr. Pepper!


- Quail: Are delicious & they lay teeny tiny eggs


- Reason to cry: Frustration

- Reality T.V.: No way

- Radio: iTunes radio or Pandora

- Roll your tongue in a circle? Yes

- Ring size: Size 9 on my left ring finger. Right hand fingers much bigger due to skin grafting & scar tissue.


- Song: Of the moment: "Do My Thing" by Estelle, featuring Janelle Monae.

- Shoe size: 9

- Salad Dressing: Peppercorn

- Sushi: Salmon, tuna, avocado, &  the spiciest sauce you got back there.

- Slept outside: UGH camping freaking sucks. But yes I have, because I don't consider a tent to be "inside".

- Smoked?: Yes...but not cigarettes. Gross.

- Skinny dipped?: No way.

- Shower daily?: Yes, but I don't wash my hair daily. Hair gets washed every 2-3 days.

- Sing well?: This is my "open secret" talent. I probably could've been a professional, but I never had the ambition for it.

- In the shower?: LUSH goodies!

- Strawberries/Blueberries: Both together with whipped cream.


- Tattoos?: The "coffee rings" design from Dave Matthews Band "Before These Crowded Streets" on my left wrist.

- Time for bed: Old Navy tank top, Bath & Body Works bedtime aromatherapy scents (honey/chamomile or lavender), melatonin if I really can't get to sleep, Benadryl as a last resort & only if I do not have someplace to be the next day!

- Thunderstorms: Love them if they don't have a lot of wind, but if they have high winds they scare me to death


- Unpredictable: Not once you know me. I imagine I might look a bit unpredictable to outsiders, but Bryan & the Borg can guess right 95% of the time.


- Vacation spot: The Ozarks.


- Weakness: People having hard times.

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: None of my friends really act like any of the others. We like it that way.

- Which on of your friends makes you laugh the most: Bryan.

- Worst feeling: Feeling stupid, failing at something even though I REALLY tried.

- Wanted to be a model:  Never did, but if someone will give me Igigi or eShakti dresses in payment, SURE, I'll be your plus-size model!

- Where do we go when we die?: I don't think anyone REALLY knows.

- Worst Weather?: Searingly hot & suffocatingly humid.


- X-Rays: A couple. C-spine in winter 2009 because a patient tried to wrestle me. Both hands & both knees re: pain.


-Year it is now: 2014
-Yellow: Flower in my hair


- Zoo animal: Elephants


1. Slept in a bed beside you? Bryan
2. You went to the mall with? Bryan & Ganon
3. You went to dinner with? Bryan & Ganon
4. You talked to on the phone? [livejournal.com profile] girlwithoutfear (Facetime last night so she could tell me a CRAZY hospital story)
5. Made you laugh? Bryan
6. Hugged you? Bryan
7. Said they loved you? Ganon
8. Held your hand? Ganon
9. Spoke with? [livejournal.com profile] asqmh
10. You cried over? Everyone & everything at my old work situation


Sep. 15th, 2010 08:28 am
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I rather liked this; I found it on [personal profile] axelrod 's profile and decided to do one for myself.


My name is


My gender identity is

active, activist, admirer, adult, all of the above, ally, assertive, bisensual, blessed, bubbly, cisgender woman, complex, confidant, cute, Dr., dreamer, extrovert, FTW, fancy, fat, female, female-bodied, female-born, female-identified, female-souled, feminine, femmy butch, friend, friendly, full of love, gay-friendly, geek, gender expressive, glittery, heteroflexible, hippie, human, intelligent, introvert, lovely, lover, monoamorous, monogamist, mother, multifacetted, myself, nerd, outgoing, passionate, privileged, pro-sex feminist, queen, redhead, right-brained, romantic, sex positive, snuggly, sparkly, straight, switch, tomboy femme, treehugger, unique, versatile, weird, wife, woman, working class, XX, YES!

What's yours?

I don't think I slept very well last night. It's the last night Bryan will be going without a CPAP machine; we're getting his today. It's for his head, but it's going to help me sleep. One drawback (?) to being an RN is that I no longer have the privilege of ignorant bliss. I hear his rhythmic breathing stop in the middle of the night, and I wake up & give him a little shove with my arm to wake him up. I can't NOT do it. :( Once he gets that CPAP I'll have more confidence. It worked very well for him during the 2nd night of the sleep study. He's not getting much sleep, either. He's more & more sleepy every day. Got to get that thing, and get it FAST.

Whatever I did last night left my back & neck quite sore this morning. I'd be crabby if I didn't have a ridiculously adorable 4 year old human insisting on helping me make his breakfast toast, and then very cutely pondering his jam decision ("I think I would like raspberry jam today, Mama"). Then he took a drink of my coffee and ganked my phone so he could play Angry Birds & Grover's Number Special. While dancing in the living room.

Oh man, now Ganon is singing the Angry Birds opening music.

Bryan's home today. We figure if we're going to go get the CPAP for him, we'd better have him there. So today we will probably go donate blood, get the CPAP, & otherwise hang out with Ganon today. If our Best Buy has any of the iPod Touches, we might get the Overlord his own "phone" (as he calls them) with a camera on it. His iPod touch is great for watching Caillou & Thomas & playing games, but he's always stealing our phones to take photographs, and he's quite good. I'm definitely encouraging this; to me, it's worth getting him a new one if I can get him interested in my favorite art form.
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The answer to this never fails to surprise me, though it's been the same answer for many years, if I look back. I suppose it's because I never truly THOUGHT about it until recently, when it became possible for me to step back, look at my life, and decide where I could live. Bryan does not have a geographical location that's important to him; he has stated many times that he could live anywhere with me and Ganon and be just fine. But me, I do have places I feel more comfortable.

I cannot live without certain types of trees, for example. I need a mixture of old growth, very tall trees, both deciduous and evergreen. Short or young trees won't do this. I need that feeling of time, the thick trunks, the opaque canopies.

Another thing I love: hills. When I look at the horizon and see the crest of a hill, covered thickly in green trees, touching the blue of the sky with clouds just peeking over--I feel entirely "safe".

Stone. I love the feeling of all kinds of stone. It's something else that has the feeling of time, of age.

While I want the feeling of time and age in things, I also like change. If things stayed constant all the time, I'd be bored within months. That's why I love living in a temperate climate, where each season has a certain amount of time and they are all defined and easily differentiated. I want all 4 seasons, and I want there to be a difference. Change is another reason I love big cities. Big cities are constantly changing. New things are springing up, new people moving in, new things happening. You can explore every day and find something new, not only because the place itself is large and would take a long time to explore, but because there's always someone doing something in it, changing the place so that it's different than it was before.

Hills, trees, stone, seasons, cities. Put all these together, and I'm actually in a really good state for the type of things I like. Because Arkansas has the Ozarks. <3!!! I was raised in the eastern part of Arkansas, in the flatlands, but there is something in me that's always adored the hills. Maybe it's genetic; my grandma Wanda was born & raised in the Ozarks and has since moved back after raising her family (including my dad) here in the Delta. What I do know is that even when I was very young, I waited impatiently for each summer when we'd go to the cabin in Hardy, on Spring River, and I'd be surrounded by the hills and the stone and the trees. I felt more at home there than I felt at home, and not just because we were on vacation. OneUp Studios had a couple of events in Fayetteville, Arkansas, at Deepwood House, and I felt like I could move into that house and be happy for the rest of my life. When we went to Hot Springs for Bryan's teaching conference in 2008, I wandered around the park and felt exactly the same things, even though I was in the middle of a city. City, yes, but the hills & trees & stone were there, so I was at home.

The Ozarks are not mountains (oooh, trivia for ya there!), but there is a lot of change in elevation. They're what happened when the ocean drained away from this state millions of years ago, leaving behind an ocean floor with both sedimentary & igneous rock. After all those years of rain, the sedementary rock eroded, leaving the igneous stone behind--giving us the hills. They're full of forests with thick canopies and thick trunks. Perhaps even more fitting, the Ozarks seem to attract the eccentric in my state. Which, of course, works for me. ^_^ Eureka Springs, Hot Springs, & Little Rock all have big populations of people who share my interests & leanings.

So all that to say why I'd like us to move to Little Rock. It's not that it's DEEP in the Ozarks, but, well, check out this elevation map:

When you look at the elevation on the east side of the state, well...it's not hard to get higher than that. I also prefer west Little Rock. Again, looking at the map, I wonder why? ^_^ I hadn't thought about it until this entry & this map, but it makes sense given everything else. The neighborhoods that Bryan & I have looked at on that side of town all have something in common: hills, huge trees, stone. And of course, with hills come those houses with basements that Bryan loves so much. I think maybe he's a hobbit. ^_^

As far as how often I visit or imagine being there: pretty much constantly. I always think of what I'd be doing if I lived in my Little Rock dream house, or how I'd feel if I looked out the window & saw hills. My computer desktops, when they're not Jeff Coffin or Dave Matthews Band, are usually photographs I've taken at Grandma's house in Mammoth Springs or some of my Fayetteville photos. I visit as often as I can, but Little Rock is 2 hours away & that's limiting. But I can & do take every excuse as an opportunity.
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More pics behind the cut )
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*entirely in monotone, mechanical voices*
Me: *dies of pure, unadulterated adorable nerdity*

More than ever, this makes me want a set of "our family" stickers for my car...with aliens & robots instead of girls & boys. :D Pete could even be a little dog robot.
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I don't want to look like a know-it-all, but I'm noticing a widespread misunderstanding about surgical masks. This isn't general knowledge outside of the medical industry (and there are even some inside who misunderstand), and in a situation like this year's H1N1 flu, the misunderstanding can be dangerous.

Surgical masks DO NOT protect you from breathing in organisms. Surgical masks are meant to keep the surgeon or surgical assistant's germs away from the surgery being performed. It protects OTHERS. The mask that protects the wearer is called an N95, and if you have not been fitted for the proper size, it won't work for you either. In fact, some people with certain facial features (think wide, square jaws or prominent cheekbones) cannot be fitted for an N95 mask at all. Neither [personal profile] quiara or I could be fitted, and we're required to wear a respirator in any airborne precaution rooms.

When I explained my idea for this post to Bryan, he thought perhaps I should just let people do whatever makes them feel better. Then I thought "What if someone visits a friend with H1N1, thinking they're safe because of the mask?" That won't do, because likely you'd end up with it anyway. It's not a bad flu, as flu goes, but it isn't exactly fun, either. Courtney, my sister, had it at the end of July; her fever spiked to nearly 105º and she felt like crap, but she didn't get the pneumonia complications. Some people are much more prone to those complications.

Surgical masks are appropriate, however, if you have symptoms and you MUST go out. It's really better to stay in where you won't be exposing the general public, but if you're getting out to go to the doctor and get yourself some chicken soup, orange juice, & Tamiflu, by all means wear a surgical mask. Don't breathe on the rest of us!

This has been an announcement from your friendly Livejournal nurse.

At least, I hope I'm still a nurse. I took the NCLEX-RN yesterday at a Pearson Testing Center in Little Rock. I talked Bryan into taking Friday off, and so Thursday night we put Ganon in the car and drove first to Newport where Bryan wrote the day's schoolwork on his whiteboard & organized it for the substitute teacher, and then to Little Rock. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Little Rock West, which was no more than 4 minutes from the testing site, and has a Krispy Kreme in front of it. I don't like Krispy Kremes even now, it seems. I tried one.

Anyway, I don't know what to tell you about the test experience. I was fingerprinted on the way into and out of the testing area. I had my photo taken before I went in, and had to confirm it was me on the way out. I had to empty my pockets, show them there were no inner pockets to my cardigan, turn my iPhone off, remove my earrings, and then put all these things into a locker. I was allowed the clothes on my back, my locker key, and my ID. That was it. As for the exam itself, I don't know what to say about that, either. I was absolutely certain of maybe 4 or 5 questions, out of the 120-something I was given (the test can range from 75-256 questions, depending on how many are needed to ascertain you will pass). For the rest of them, I used critical thinking prioritized by 3 cardinal rules of nursing: 1) Protect the ABCs (airway, breathing, & circulation), 2) Protect patient safety (consider fall risks, etc), and 3) Consider transmission of infections. I can't tell you what the questions were like or what they contained, because you sign something saying they can sue your buns off for cheating if you do that. I'm not allowed to divulge any of the content. THEY WILL SEND NINJAS AFTER ME. I'M SURE.

After the exam, we ate lunch at the River Market, where I ate the best hot dog I have ever tasted from a guy with a real-honest-to-God-New-York-City-hot-dog-cart. He had developed a very fiery mustard that day, & when I loved it he decided to name it Hillary Sauce! (I wonder if he was telling the truth? He seemed like a flatterer, but I have decided to believe him.) Also we had cupcakes from Brown Sugar baking company. A very large number of semi-uniformed high school students came in then, and we asked where they were from. Turns out it's a new charter school in downtown Little Rock. I accidentally left my purse in the building, and only realized it when we got to the car. I ran like a madwoman back into the Market & found our table, where I found my purse sitting happily & untouched...at a table full of high school students. They'd been wondering when someone might come back for it. The cash in the purse was still there, sitting right on top. Granted, it was just a $5, but still! I picked up the purse & looked at the students. "You know, if I'd left this purse at a table with my husband's students, I might never have seen it again." They grinned at me. I liked the look of those students--all of them. They all looked...I don't know. Aware. Observant. Bryan said they lacked the "brutish" or "simple" quality many of his own students can sometimes show. If Ganon grew up & went to a school like that, I'd be ecstatic. Bryan said that if he could teach at one of those schools, he'd stay in education for sure.

Then we decided to continue the adventure & drive to Memphis. We went to the Apple store & bought Snow Leopard, and we're not impressed with their new way of doing things. There's no cash register, no place to just walk up & buy something. A concierge helps you with your decisions & then rings up your purchase as well. It's pretty awesome if you're going to buy a computer or make another major purchase. The problem with that is, when you're me & Bryan & you just want to buy a copy of Snow Leopard, you're left wandering around & looking for someone to help you. I saw at least 3 other people in the same predicament as me. We just wanted to buy the OS, but everyone was busy helping people to buy computers or iPhones or iPods.

Supper at Whole Foods Market, of course. We've been out of peanut butter for a few days, and with Ganon's peanut butter & jelly phase in full swing, that wouldn't do. Ganon must have heavy wheat bread (we use double fiber wheat by Nature Valley), Smucker's strawberry jam, and Whole Foods honey roasted PB. So we got some, and Bryan & I had awesome pizza for supper. Ganon was very silly, talking to everyone and refusing to eat...and then he ate ALL the bananas on the way home. *headdesk* Oh my boy. He did turn down a cookie & ask for a banana, so that made me happy.

Came home, and at that point the Tired caught up with me. I had worked a 12-hour shift, driven 2 hours, gotten to sleep a little past midnight and not slept well at all. Then I got up at 6, got ready & took an emotionally exhausting exam and had the above adventure. By the time I got home I was shattered. I collapsed in bed and slept HARD until this morning. In fact, I've had a 2 hour nap already today and I'm STILL exhausted. I feel like I'm never going to be rested again.

I cannot know my exam results until Monday at the earliest. Searching a name on the state registry requires a subscription ($10 a month for unlimited searches) or a one-time name search payment of $5.50. In either case, exam results are not available until at least 72 hours after the exam time, according to the site. Rather than paying $5.50 I will just have them look it up at the hospital, and then I'll know. I want to say I HAD to pass; there's no way I couldn't pass. I'm good at this. I'm new and I can only carry 3 patients (4 if they're very uncomplicated) at once, but they get good care from me. They feel like I'm paying attention to them, that I'll listen to them, and I have good basic nursing judgement about their needs. I love nursing. It's hard, it runs me ragged and leaves me worn out & used up at the end of the day, but I could not stop doing this job, pursuing this career, if you paid me to. I am a nurse at the bottom of my soul, where everything else is stripped away. I can't have failed that test.
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Warning: I'm about to brag about my husband! Arkansas students excell at AP courses. It's about how the AAIMS grant is benefitting students in several Arkansas high schools who have the grant. If you look into the article, it mentions a list of schools, and Bryan's is Newport. In fact, Bryan is what they call the "lead teacher" for the AAIMS funded math program at Newport. This grant is really cool. In Newport's case, it has allowed Bryan to be more creative in the ways he teaches things. This year, for example, the AP Statistics students are not using textbook examples for their projects, but Bryan is sending them out into the school to gather their own data. We got a census packet & he took it to school to show them, too. :D He's hoping this will not only motivate the students a little more, but that by making them more visible during class time, he'll be planting the idea in the head of the younger students: "Hey, look at what the stats class gets to do. I want to be in stats, too!"

Makeup review time!

I pay a lot of attention to my eyeshadow, in case you haven't noticed. :D I like it bright & fun & cheery, and I like it to be "just so". I feel really "off" all day if my eyeshadow isn't exactly the way I want it. With a lot of practice, I've gotten to the point where it really is always the way I like it.

However, that left me realizing I was just putting Burt's Bees lip balm on & going. No attention to my lips. I'm not saying Burt's Bees isn't awesome because it IS (it's great for my lips, it smells minty fresh, & it's great for in-a-hurry lipcolor), but even the tinted ones don't have the best color in the world. I have to mix colors to get the shades I want, it's hard to apply them precisely, they aren't highly pigmented so the color is pretty uneven depending on your lip condition, and they aren't exactly long-term wear. In fact, my Burt's Bees gloss is gone after one cup of coffee.

So when Q & I went on our pilgrimage to Sephora in Little Rock, I was on a mission: I was going to find the perfect lipstick. I wanted something bright that worked with my skin tone & added cheerfulness to my face, but it also had to be neutral enough not to clash with blue & yellow eyeshadow (or purple or orange or red or green or anything else I might wear). I love Sephora because you can test anything in the store. I tried on a million lipsticks, putting them on, wiping them off, thinking one was perfect & then realizing it was $26. I even tried out the "dark lips" look that's so in style this fall (I have a lipstick that works for that, but that'll be another review, with photos). In the end, I did find the perfect lipstick, and in doing so, have fallen irrevocably in love with Sephora.

My first Sephora lipstick, the one I bought that day, is from their "Maniac" line. Mine is #7 on that page, the "copper beige shimmer". The color goes on very true; as it states, this is a "highly pigmented" lipstick. That said, since this color is so well matched to my skin tone, it doesn't look like the eyeshadow. It's very close to my own lip color, just evened and slightly shimmery. Looks perfect with my hair. Anyway, the lipstick glides on smoothly and they aren't kidding: this stuff really does stay on for a very long time. It only takes freshening up a couple of times a day.

I wasn't planning on buying more lipstick. I mean, I really DID love that "dark lip" look they'd been touting in the store, but I was just going to ride the summer out with this nice, neutral, bright shade. But then Q, temptress that she is, pointed out that Sephora was having a sale with several lipsticks going for $5. DANG IT. So I went shopping online and I came out with these:In which I review 3 more lip products )

Well, tomorrow is my first day of work! I'm doing laundry right now, & I'm planning on hitting the hay early so I can get to work in good time. I'M SO EXCITED! And then I have the boards on Friday and eeeeeeeeeee!


Aug. 20th, 2009 08:47 pm
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Me: Okay, so you have to go to Iguana or your name is Iguana?
Bryan: No, I'm IN an Iguana.


Jul. 18th, 2009 10:24 am
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I returned yesterday from the trip to Memphis. Oh goodness I am SO GLAD to be home, where my stuff is and my boys are. I'm comfortable for the first time in the week.

Yesterday after I got home, Bryan & Ganon & I went into town. We wanted to hang out, so we went to Barnes & Noble and parked at the train table. Ganon played happily, we ate pretzels, we drank lemonade. After a while we decided to take him to see Nana & Papa so we could go see Harry Potter: HBP, but the strangest thing happened. Ganon started to cry pitifully, saying he didn't want to go see Nana & Papa...he wanted to stay with Mama & Daddy. OMG. That has never freaking happened. We were stoked; so much that we decided not to go. Instead we went to the mall playground where Ganon ran & climbed & jumped with the other kids. But we had Nana's phone, and she had to come get it from us, meaning that Ganon actually SAW her...and then there was a meltdown when she had to leave.

Bryan & I decided that HBP was in the cards after all, and met up with my parents to give them an obviously sleepy Ganon. (This turned out in retrospect to be an awesome idea, because he had a very big potty success later!) Then we hit the theater for the 4:30 showing of HBP, which we both really loved.

Rambling observations about the HBP movie )

After HBP, we went to Hiro. Hiro is a new Japanese restaurant in Jonesboro. Bryan & I had been praying and begging for it to be one of 2 things: 1) A sushi bar with "our type" of sushi, meaning unusual mixing of ingredients & spicy sauces, or 2) a place that had rice bowls (i.e. steamed rice with stir-fried beef or chicken or whatever on top). Anything but a tepanyaki grill, because we have 2 of those in town already. We were happy to find that while it does serve some tepanyaki stuff, they don't cook at your table, and the main focus is as a sit-down restaurant. They also have a decent sushi bar seating area, and they definitely had crazy sushi rolls. We had the Razorback and the Hiro. We liked the Razorback better, but it had one main issue: the fried oyster inside was very large and too crunchy--almost hard. It was a big roll, and that one hard spot on the inside, while providing a perfect contrast to the soft fish on top and the avocado inside, made the whole thing very hard to chew! It was literally difficult to eat the roll. Bryan & I started poking the oyster out & eating them separately. The Hiro was another very good roll, but it had avocado (both inside & on top) and cream cheese (inside). There was too much creaminess for the amount of heat provided by the honey sauce (a creamy sauce with a lot of wasabi) and the hiro sauce (a spicy mayo), both of which were creamy themselves.

Next time I certainly want to try the Harry Potter roll. It's soft-shell crab, asparagus, & cream cheese inside with seared tuna on top. If they could put some eel sauce on that for me, I think we'd be in serious business. Our waiter seemed to be heavily involved in running the restaurant, and he pegged us as sushi fans right away. He stood and talked to us a while about the types of things that we liked, and places where we'd eaten rolls like that. We told him that before, if we'd wanted sushi like this we'd have had to go to Memphis for Sekisui at least, and that we'd recently been enamored of Sake Toro in Frisco. I gave him a tip we learned at Sekisui: Sriracha hot sauce on certain rolls. We told him about the Fire Roll at Sekisui, and how each bit of shrimp tempura was topped with the slightest bit of Sriracha (rooster) sauce. He seemed quite interested, and I told him that if he made one with Sriracha on top he'd have to call it the Hillary roll, or maybe the Creecher. ^o^

We got Sonic drinks on the way home. For the record, their Mango Cool Breeze can be made into a cream slush and it's AWESOME.

Today the weather is DIVINE. Look at our highs for the next several days. It feels almost like autumn out here. I could just bask in it, but most likely what will happen is that we'll throw open all the windows & clean up this house. This entire year our house has suffered from my lack of time and motivation to really clean things up. Mostly I just clean things that have to be done, like laundry & the kitchen & bathrooms. Even the bathrooms suffer; I scrub the tub and the toilet because we use them often, but our bathroom cabinets are seriously icky. Anytime we've had people over I've vacuumed the carpet, and I think I might've dusted like 4 times in the last 12 months. Today I'd like to get some things done that haven't been done for a long time. I think I'm going to start with the bathrooms & the kitchen, and then move on to actually dusting & vacuuming the whole house.

Graduation is August 6. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Once there was a meme, and [personal profile] jorajo did it, and then I did it too because a) I was feeling sheeplike and b) she's freaking awesome and c) the meme was pretty neat & different from the usual music ones.

1. One of the earliest songs you remember listening to:
Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On - Mel Williams [I was so young that the term "baby" meant Courtney, my younger sister, and I wondered why anyone would care that she was wearing blue jeans.]
She can't help it if she's made that way
She's not to blame if they look her way
She ain't really trying to make a scene
It just comes naturally

More songs for various questions )

Bryan & Ganon & I are about to go into town. It's been a crazy week but I think I finally feel rested...just in time to jaunt to Memphis this evening. This week is my pediatric rotation, and I will be working at LeBonheur in Memphis, Tennessee. Thanks to my crazy!awesome father-in-law, my classmate Jennifer and I will be residing at the Doubletree Inn, just a 4 minute drive from LeBonheur itself. (He's got lots of Hilton Honors points, so it doesn't cost anything to stay at a Hilton-associated hotel). I'm looking forward to it! Right now I'm fixing up all my laundry & packing my bag. I'm REALLY excited about LeBonheur. It's one of the few hospitals anywhere near here where they can perform surgery for things like transposition of the great arteries. I might get to see something like that on Wednesday (my observation day). There's a chance I might work in the ER at some point, which may mean starting an IV line on a child, which I've never done before.

It's storming like crazy outside. There isn't any wind, so I am not nervous at all about it. Wind scares the devil out of me, but lighting & thunder & rain are no problem. Ganon's doing fine, but Pete is flipping his poor little mess. He HATES thunder.

Town errands: send off AppleTV for repair (why do we have the worst luck in history with logic boards?!), pay my ticket (note to self: cruise control is YOUR FRIEND).

We had a good time in Little Rock on Friday, and then in Hardy on Friday & Saturday. Staying at the cabin always feels slow & relaxing to me, even now that I have internet access via iPhone there. The only major problem with the cabin is that it gives Bryan hella asthma problems. His asthma is triggered by his allergies, and any time his allergies get a massive exacerbation, he has asthma attacks. He's used his albuterol inhaler all freaking weekend since Hardy. -_- ALLERGIES FAIL.

Okay. If we're going to leave I'm going to clean up the kitchen. Ganon & Bryan can't deal all week with a kitchen in this shape.
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Brussels sprouts are one of those things I never know how to cook, even though when I eat them other places I always end up liking them. Well, this recipe for golden-crusted brussels sprouts sounds INCREDIBLE! Thanks for the link, [profile] beautyofgrey!

Today I planted! Momma had brought home way too many impatiens, and I took the flat she didn't use. I now have oodles of them in my backyard flowerbed. When they grow & fill out, they'll be super-thick and the colors will be really random. Since they're mixed in with the periwinkles & these really neat little flowers (of which I cannot recall the name! I need to take a pic so we can identify them!) that I planted 2 years ago and have lived through BOTH winters including the ice storm, and my asiatic lilies, it's going to have this neat, wildflower effect. It doesn't have any kind of intentional arrangement or anything, which is not my usual way about things. Momma got me this hilarious tiny planter for my porch as well: it's a gnome! He's standing by a bucket holding a shovel. I planted a variegated coral impatien in his bucket. He looks very happy.

My porch containers: one large bucket, one hanging basket, and one long, narrow, window-box type container are all filled with lettuce, as I was inspired last summer by [personal profile] velvetpage. She grew her own lettuce & got great mileage out of it, so I'm going to try it this summer. After reading up a bit, I found a few varieties that people have success in growing in my area in the shade. I have super-tiny little lettuce plants. SO CUTE.

On the pool deck, which is the only place I have full-sun, I planted a Cherokee purple tomato, a sweet basil, and a dark opal basil, which is a glorious purple color. I have such a thing for black/purple veggies. I may go & find one of those black beauty pepper plants again; I had great success with it last year. Unlike the tomatoes, squirrels showed no interest in the peppers. YAY ANTHOCYANINS!

Also I baked brownies. They do not contain anthocyanins but they are Ghirardelli dark chocolate. I ate them for supper and that was a bad idea, because now I'm on sugar overload. Bleh.

Bryan should be back tomorrow from Hot Springs. He went on Sunday for a workshop. It's so funny to talk to him on the phone & online. You know that list of reasons to date geeks? I think "Geek Guys Are Worth It"? I am reminded of those things every time I talk to him. He pings me online during the workshop; they have wireless & he busted out the laptop. He started to send me links & talk about how this one website was too distracting for him to look at during the workshop. It was full of stupid criminals, and Bryan loves stupid criminal stories. He actually took his Xbox 360 with him, because he'd been thinking about it when Nathan, the other math teacher who went, called & asked if he was planning on it. That made Bryan's decision. Now there are 2 geeky high school math teachers playing Xbox 360 in a hotel room in Hot Springs. I wish their students knew what their teachers did in the evenings & on weekends...and that these teachers could lay waste to any of them on any number of video games. :)

Ganon was exhausted by 4:30. He'd spent most of the day having fun outside; he helped me turn over the soil in the flowerbed. He drove his tiny lawn tractor around. That thing is actually useful; he drove my impatiens to the house from Momma's, he moved a bag of potting soil for me, and he drove my pool deck plants over all at once, saving me some trips. He's a VERY good driver, too. He steers wonderfully, and can actually use the reverse properly; he turns one way to get himself out of a bind, and then puts it back in drive and turns the wheel to go the other way. He ran all over the place, played on the swingset, and climbed everything. He was completely tuckered out & wanting to be held, so Momma sent him inside with me...which he did not like. There was the epic Battle of the Afternoon Nap. I won, but not without losing quite a few hit points. By the time he laid down, he was so spent that he fell asleep in about a minute. At that point, exhausted myself, I just flopped down on his trundle and went to sleep.

...We didn't wake up until 8pm. CRAP. I had the hardest time waking him up, but I knew I had to or we'd be up at 4am. So he's awake now, and after insisting on 2 rounds of MarioKart, he decided watching Thomas would be fine. A slice of peanut butter bread, a glass of juice, and Thomas the Tank Engine. This is the price I paid for writing this entry without a toddler on my lap, demanding to take his own picture with Photobooth.

I'm working on yet another Aibhlinn. I know; you'd think I was in love with that pattern or something. ^_~ I got 2 skeins of Noro Taiyo at YarnMart in Little Rock on Saturday, and for those of you who are knitters or crocheters and like cotton--this is my favorite cotton/silk blend ever! It's so soft, has such a wonderful drape, and of course the colors are so NORO. This is possibly my favorite yarn ever; it's certainly up there with Silk Garden.
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I went to the DMB concert on May 2, 2009 in Dallas, Texas. Here is my experience for posterity. ^o^

Wow, it's quite long! )


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