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Well, okay, I'm not in Jacksonville, FL watching Dave Matthews Band. I'm in Jonesboro, AR watching DMB...who are in Jacksonville, FL. Via live streaming Yahoo! Screen! I LOVE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!
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So you might have noticed that Q & I attended a concert on Saturday! :D

Q & her nephew Dylan came with me, Bryan & Ganon to Dallas this weekend. Much fun was had (Ganon thinks Dylan is the coolest & Dylan thinks Matthew is the coolest) by everyone. On Saturday, Q & I left a bit early so we could go hit Northpark Mall before the show.

We opted out of the Apple Store. Apple Stores are always crowded, but the one at Northpark Mall in Dallas is beyond crazy. It's always packed to the gills. I don't think I've ever been in it when I didn't physically bump into half a dozen people. I would have liked to play with a new iPod touch but holy cow. 

Instead, we hit the MAC Pro Store instead! (No Macs...just MAC!) I have been on the hunt for a good liquid eyeliner. I wanted something waterproof & extremely long wearing that didn't flake off the way the L'Oreal stuff does. Well, I found it. It's called "Eye Slicks" and it's all the above. I got it in 2 colors: a shiny pewter & a stark carbon black. I wanted to buy another tube of Liquid Lurex lipstick, but they were out. I'm pretty sure our MAC counter in Jonesboro will have it.

Next up, LUSH! I'd been wanting a cleanser, specifically Angels on Bare Skin. The only container they had was a BIG one, but I figured I'd use it. I also got some Tea Tree Oil (the single best toner I have ever used, bar none) and some "Color Supplement". This stuff is GREAT! This is what I've always wanted to make my moisturizer (Imperialis is my fave) tinted. Regular makeup doesn't work very well because of the formulation. This stuff is meant to mix with a moisturizer. I got it in "light yellow" even though my skin leans pink, because they didn't have "light pink". It works just fine; the "light" colors are so light that they're practically interchangable.

We still had a bit of time to kill, so we got frozen yogurt at Red Mango! Q got madagascar vanilla with mochi & dark chocolate, and I got original with bananas & mango. The original yogurt is so amazing, so delicate & tangy & surprising on my tongue, that I just can't bring myself to try any of the actual flavored yogurts. I just get original with whatever fruit tickles my fancy that day. It was GREAT with blueberries in Little Rock; I might get them to smash the blueberries next time. :)

Then we were off to the show! We drank up a lot of water, went to the bathroom (Q went into a gas station that had a skeezy bathroom, then warned me so we went to McDonald's across the street), then cut ourselves off because we knew we'd be standing in the pit from the time we got in until the time the show was over--5:30 to 11pm. And we did just that.

At 5:30pm we went through the gates, then into the reserved seating area, and then into the pit--where they took our tickets in exchange for pit bracelets! O_O!!! They were Warehouse Pit tickets; I wanted to keep those! Several of us Warehouse members began protesting, and the pit security supervisor told us to make sure & come out his exit at the end of the show & he'd give us the tickets back. We didn't get our own tix back, obviously, but whatever. I still have a Warehouse pit stub for my Box of Live Music Events Memorabilia. I need to make a shadow box or something. :)

Then we were in the pit & it was time to stake out a spot. We chose right up front (one row of people between us & the railing!) slightly to the right. We wanted to be able to get good pics of Dave, but I have a mad Jeff Coffin obsession obviously and Q is a true Rashawn Ross fangirl. They stand on stage left...so we stood toward stage left. :) We made friends with the Awesome People™ around us, who included someone I later found on Twitter via the #dmb hashtag! I actually spent most of the concert thinking she was utterly cute & how jealous I was of her haircut. Hi, @julianathursday! By virtue of it being the pit, most of the people around us were hardcore DMB fans. They new all the rare songs, all had opinions on what they wanted to hear, all knew what had been played a lot & what might get played that night. When I revealed my wish for "Rhyme & Reason" they all empathized, but also agreed with me that it was a long shot. :)

I didn't have my DSLR. I've never been in a concert pit before, and by all accounts they can get a little rowdy. That camera is worth a great deal of money & even more in emotional value, but MAN I wanted some pics worthy of our pit tickets! The problem was solved when Walter offered me his point & shoot Sony 10 megapixel camera. I played with it for a while; learned it had quite a nice zoom, tap to focus on your desired area, the ability to play with the exposure within reason...lots of decent features. Best of all it was very pocket-sized, not at all like my Hulking Behemoth (it's named Dozer after the Matrix character). So I took it. Just to test how it would do, I got a picture of Carter's Percussion Command Center™ when we first came in.


It did all right. :)

Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears opened. They aren't quite my style, but they didn't bore me. Well, no. I'll say it this way: their MUSIC is my style, but the vocals are not. Mr. Lewis himself is very James Brown-inspired, and I'm not into that vocal style. The rest of the band, however, was great. The horn section was particularly amusing, as they had the tendency to dance like 50s Motown girl backup singers. They were all men; 1 dignified looking older black gentleman & 2 younger, geeky white dudes. Dancing like the Supremes! The drummer kept losing his glasses. 



And then the band came out. They nonchalantly got their instruments ready, took their places...and then MADE MY FREAKING WORLD by opening with The Last Stop. I shrieked. Q screamed (and Q yells, she NEVER screams). The two Awesome Girls beside us screamed, one of them in a rather ear-piercing fashion. ^o^ The guy in the couple behind us roared "LAST STOP!!!" Basically, the whole pit instantly turned from a simmering pool of anticipation to a full-on boil of uncontained elation. Fans of live music will get this; it's the moment you get exactly the surprise at the show that you wanted...and they opened with it!


Long, with lots of pictures throughout )
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Well, my Dreamwidth account has been neglected for too long. I'll tell you why: I do mostly mobile posting anymore. Even a look at my LJ will tell you that. Still, every time I come over here & poke around, I feel strangely guilty. I really do like Dreamwidth & I want it to succeed. Livejournal is really flying all over my nerves with their insensitivity to the needs & concerns of their users. The only things that have kept me from plopping over here entirely: 1) Lack of mobile posting ability to Dreamwidth, and 2) the fact that my LJ account is permanent. Back before they went all Corporate Nutjob on us, Bryan bought me a permanent account.

Today I have been prompted to post because IT'S CHILLY THIS MORNING! That's right, ladies & gentlemen: fall has come to Arkansas! I'm still not where I want to be here. Nirvana will be achieved when we live in Little Rock & can go on a bike ride along the River Trail when the weather is like this. When I have hills covered in trees & I can see the leaves changing colors along the rises.

Since the last time I posted, several things have happened. I've reached my 1 year birthday as an RN. I've been the charge nurse some nights. Been to 2 DMB shows, one of which was at Bonnaroo. That's a lot of STUFF. All of it has been fun, but having my job makes it harder for me to blog at all. I have to be very careful not to give out identifying patient information, but I WANT to tell the stories of what happens to me! Not trusting myself to do it in a non-privacy-violating way means that I simply don't tell them at all in writing. Must find a balance for this!

Right now I'm writing up my concert experience on Saturday. Lots of photos, some of them really good. I did NOT get to ask Jeff for a reed; by the time I got to where I could yell at him...Carter started throwing drumsticks. I'll let you imagine what the pit was like when Carter was tossing sticks. SCARY, YO.
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More pictures from the DMB concert on September 29th. These were uploaded just last night, since the broadband connection here is MUCH better than at home.
More photos )
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On September 29, 2009, the marvelous [personal profile] asqmh and I attended a fabulous Dave Matthws Band concert in North Little Rock, Arkansas, at Dickey-Stephens Stadium. HOW SO FUN?!

First of all: I ditched a computer training course at the hospital for this. Come on. How could I not?

We left at like 1:30 or 2-ish and drove to Little Rock. Q kept trying to take a nap but the fact that we cannot HELP but talk about fascinating & important subjects (like makeup, politics, cupcakes, religion, attractive men, fashion, and world peace) hindered the nap greatly. When we arrived in Little Rock we found the stadium right away. I yelled out the window to ask the waiting fans what time the doors opened, and they yelled back that it would be 5pm. We drove across the bridge to find a bathroom & kill a bit of time at the River Market, which I maintain is one of the coolest places in any large city. Seriously, anyone who comes to visit me from now on is getting a River Market visit. I love it so. We bought souvenirs there; beaded necklaces & earrings from a nice lady named Becky and sunglasses from a little tourist trap called Shop the Rock. Mostly so Q's retinas would not become charbroiled.

At about 4:45 we got back in the car and crossed the bridge again...very very slowly this time. Traffic was getting very bad in anticipation of the concert. We still got a pretty choice parking spot. I'm glad we chose to come down early & get in as the doors opened.
This is long & has a metric buttload of photos )


Oct. 3rd, 2009 06:18 pm
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Gratuitous icon post to show off my tiny little Jeff Coffin. Playing 2 different saxes during Squirm (I think) at the Little Rock show. I also have one of him actually playing 2 at the same time during Jimi Thing. I lose my marbles when he does that.

Photos from the concert are uploading to Flickr now. I chose 85 out of the 404 that I took. I evidently had my camera set on a smaller photo size than I meant to, but that's okay. I am short and there were lots of people in front of me, and I do not have a good zoom lens for my DSLR just yet, so the photos weren't as great as they could be. As the next concert's photos will be. ^_~
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I'll have to do a full, major review later because I go in to work tonight at 7 and I'm currently making supper for me & Bryan & Ganon. There are two things I'm going to mention now, though.

Looking at some photos from yesterday, I'm beginning to "get" why people always ask if Q & I are sisters. Last night's count: 3 times.

Camera Smuggling
They camera checked me on the way in. Told me I couldn't bring my DSLR inside; "No cameras or video". I made with the puppy dog face. I pointed out how many people were wearing point & shoot cameras on their wrists. No dice. Seriously, they let people WEAR their cameras in but made me take the love of my life camera back to the damn car. I took the camera back out to the car and looked at it sadly. Then, two things kicked in: The Hillary Determination and my immense desire for a really good photo of Jeff Coffin. Q called me and asked what was taking so long; I told her "I am NOT coming back in without this camera." She sounded immensely amused. I'm sure she knows me well enough to realize I was scowling and working as fast as I could to hide that camera. I broke it down (the lens comes off the camera itself & makes 2 smaller pieces), put the camera half into a blood pressure cuff pouch in the bottom of my purse & put the lens in the inside (tampon) zipper of the purse itself. Back at the gate, I went back to the same lady who'd checked me first time. I opened my purse nervously & made big innocent eyes. "It was too big to hide," I lied. "I tried." She looked at me. She KNEW I had that camera. I let the purse flap drop and she waved her hands in that "I didn't see nothin', so it ain't there" way. They let me through. I looked at Q like "DUDE did you see what I got away with?" and Q was like "OMG she totally knew."

And then I took 403 pictures. I will post links.
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Using songs by ONE artist, answer the following questions. This was harder & more thought provoking than I expected!

1. Are you a male or female?
Dream Girl

2. How do you feel:
I Did It

3. Describe where you currently live:
Old Dirt Hill

4. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
One Sweet World

5. Your favorite form of transportation:
Smooth Rider

6. Your best friend is:
Big Eyed Fish

7. What's the weather like?
Too Much

8. Favorite time of day:

9. If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?
Hunger for the Great Light

10. What is life to you?
Best of What's Around

11. Your fear:
Grace is Gone

12. What is the best advice you have to give?
Don't Burn the Pig

13. Thought for the day:
Funny the Way It Is

14. How I would like to die:
You Might Die Trying

15. My soul's present condition:
Proudest Monkey

16. My motto:
You Never Know
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More Photobooth fun! )

In real life news, Bryan's in Hot Springs. It's driving him bananas, since he'd much rather be home. I was texting him stuff that Ganon was doing, and he texted back "You're killing me! I want out of here so bad!" He'll be home this afternoon.

At some point I gotta go into town. Bath & Body Works is having their huge, semi-annual sale. That's the only time my favorite scents come back, because most of them are "retired". Specifically, I'm hoping for some Cool Citrus Basil, White Tea & Ginger, and Lemongrass Sage. If I came across some Cinnamon Pumpkin I might stock it away for autumn.

As evidenced in a photo above, Big Whiskey & the Groogrux King came in yesterday! I'm listening to it [and the LiveTrax from Alpine that came with it. This Seek Up from Alpine is pretty choice.] Anyway, off BWGGK, I think my favorite song has to be Shake Me Like a Monkey. It's so heavy on the horns: Rashawn & Jeff really get to show off in that one. Baby Blue is sadder than sad. It makes me cry; it's so melancholy. It's that strange sad: the sad where you've accepted something and aren't fighting it anymore, but you're still shattered that now this is how it has to be. Resigned sadness, tinged with the beginnings of something else, something brighter. The ability to be happy when you think about the memories of the lost one. It's heartbreaking. So hard to listen to. Everyone else loves Alligator Pie, and I love that he wrote his daughter Stella into the song, but it isn't my favorite. Squirm really gives Shake Me Like a Monkey a run for its money. When I'm in a dark mood, Squirm will be my favorite. When I'm in a bright, happy mood, it'll be SMLAM.

Also, Dave has a thing for monkeys. This only makes him cooler in my eyes.

So now I'm making myself a naan pizza for lunch & doing housework that's been neglected while I played nurse for 3 days. ^o^
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I went to the DMB concert on May 2, 2009 in Dallas, Texas. Here is my experience for posterity. ^o^

Wow, it's quite long! )
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Harrisburg - Highway 1 between Harrisburg and Greenfield is partially flooded; Highway 14 in Harrisburg is partially flooded; Some of Center Street flooded, water inside a few businesses.

O RLY? Yeah. This is why the 6 minute drive from my house to Highway 49 (think of that, if you've been to my house) took me TWENTY SEVEN MINUTES this morning. o_o!!! Obviously I was hardcore late for class. I even left early; I didn't wash my hair in the shower; I just threw a hat on because it's GOING TO RAIN FOREVER.

Pete was freaking out all night over the thunder. This morning Bryan blinked at me when he woke up. "I vaguely remember you grabbing Pete in the middle of the night and stuffing something down his throat." ^_^ It was a melatonin; I was trying to calm the dog down so I could freaking SLEEP. He sits there and pants as loudly as possible and shakes so hard the bed moves.

Our power went off for 2 hours last night. This irritated the crap out of me & Bryan because we both had assignments we wanted to work on.

It's a weird, drizzly day. I'm having a hard time mustering up much motivation, which is madly inconvenient because I have a formal care plan I want to finish up before the Epic BFF Concert this weekend. <3 Bryan has decided to come with us so he can visit his grandma, who's going to be in Frisco this weekend, while Q & I hit the concert. We're all staying in an AWESOME hotel. SO EXCITING. I really can't wait to show Q all around Frisco. *flail*
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I thought you might be interested in a bit of info on swine flu by someone "in the know". This is an email reply I recieved from Dr. Rebecca Matthews. She was our community health professor in the nursing program, and is all over epidemiology. Plus she's brilliant. So without further ado...


I have been watching this for 2 weeks—ever since the reports from California came in. Our flu season was very late this year and it does not surprise me that this is popping up. All cases in the US have been mild so far. 40 id’d as of yesterday. The genetic code was given yesterday to the researcher at St. Jude’s who developed the avian flu vaccine last year. It took him 28 days. I think we may have a vaccine sooner than that for H1N1 (I hope). I am glad Neopolitano has declared a state of emergency so we can get the funds moving—it is a bit overkill in a way but then maybe not. My advice: wash your hands a lot and if it comes here, stay out of crowds. And if you get it, get Oseltamivir or Nanamivir and stay home. It is not the Ebola-type flu that you find with avian flu so we are not going to bleed out of every orifice and turn to mush.

An interesting point—this came from a small town in Mexico that raises pigs in a pretty controlled, clean setting (if you can call pigs clean). However, their drinking water was contaminated by birds flying overhead.

Feel free to pass this along. Hand washing is the best you can do for anything—even with Black Plague. I think the worst will be over in about 6 weeks. This is a great study in epidemiology, huh?


Don't you love how she's geeking out over it?! Everyone else is "OMG SWINE FLU WE'RE ALL GUNNA DIE!!!1!!!" and she's like "What a great study in epidemiology!" I'm feeling rather better about it all, knowing she's not that worried. Wash your hands & stay home if you've got it.

Of course what am I doing on Saturday night? Why, I'm hauling not only myself into a giant crowd, but also my BFF, who arguably has an immune system made entirely of lose. >_< And we'll BOTH be in a car with my not-quite-3-years-old son all the way home on Monday. FABULOUS IDEA!
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EKGs. Oh, how I hate thee.

They don't seem as difficult now as they started out, of course. I really am getting a handle on reading the EKGs; the only real problem left is to make sure I remember which leads go where. But I want to do well in High Acuity, so I'm determined to really learn this stuff and do well.

This class is the last bit of classroom time that we have. During May we have an online class, and then in June/July/August we have the 3 12-hour shift a week thing. That means we'll do 12 hours each on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am about that. After carrying so many hours a week and having so much work to do at home, it's going to seem like a break to just...work. Just to go and be a nurse. To take care of patients and put things in charts.

I hope I do all right on the exam today. I really did study my butt off last night.

Last night, Jorajo called me from the Raleigh Dave Matthews Band concert! She didn't say anything (there was no way she could've heard me over the crowd; I've tried doing that for LJ voice posts and had to push buttons by memory), but she held the phone up--all the way through the Sojourn of Arjuna interpolation of #41! That's my SONG! <3333333 Jorajo. <3


I am having a Diet Code Red and thinking about multifocal PVCs while tinkering with my Dreamwidth colors. FUN TIMES.


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