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I must highly recommend the chocolate chip pancakes at Eggcellent Cafe. Even if I could only finish about a third of the stack!

My chocolate chip pancakes from yesterday. They were so good, but WOW that's a lot of pancake.

The board at work today. 😆 Thanks to Dr. Lane.

Normally they don't write the name of the advanced practice provider (the collective name for NPs/PAs) who's working the main ER up on the board, but Dr. Lane couldn't handle that mine wasn't up there, so this happened. LOL! Unsurprisingly perhaps, incidences of getting called "Creecher" peak around Halloween.

Working on some ARNA educational content this morning. I need more coffee. And maybe a mint Oreo.
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It's a desperately needed laundry day here in the Creechdom. This means I'm in the basement. The basement is the Nurse Cave, which I use for studying, but it's also the home of an extra fridge, the washer & dryer, some extra shelving, the utility sink, and my staging area for steaming clothes (I don't iron but I do have a hand-held Shark clothing steamer instead). Being down here makes me feel a little like I'm abandoning Bryan & Ganon to themselves, but on the other hand, they're both playing their video games and I am content doing my thing down here. I've been puttering around on Facebook, and now I'm playing with Peach on my iPhone.

Aside: if any of you are on Peach (iOS only for now), I'm HillaryGayle. It's a fun little app, and it's going to be my pocket social media outlet when I give up Facebook for Lent (and decide whether I wish to give it up for good).

So I missed the Friday Five on New Year's Day! I didn't realize that.

1. What is your favorite food?
That's such a difficult question. I have different favorites for different times of the year, different temperatures and types of weather, different locations, different events. I suppose I will go with my favorite food this time of year for the cold weather: avocado toast. It's very simple: just a piece of toast with an avocado squished on it, seasoned to taste. Since I mainly love them in January, I tend to put very warming spices on them like chili powder and pepper and hot sauce (particularly Cholula).

2. What was your favorite food when you were a kid?
I would have to say my mom's french toast, which is still one of my favorite things when we're at the cabin during the summer. It's good for breakfast but it's also good that same afternoon, when you're starving for a snack after swimming for hours in the river and there are leftovers from breakfast. :)

3. What is the best tasting, quick to cook meal that you make for yourself?
The aforementioned avocado toast is incredibly quick and easy. Slow-cooker meals are by definition not quick, but they are ultra low maintenance. Quick to prepare, and quick to eat at the end of the day, so that's convenient.

We do like buffalo chicken pizza. Get a prepared pizza crust, then some shredded cooked chicken. Mix the chicken with your favorite buffalo sauce, then dump it on the crust. Top the whole thing with your favorite cheese mix; mine is a Kroger brand "Mexican" blend of monterrey jack and cheddar.

4. What is your favorite food to order in a restaurant?
I like to order complicated, several-step dishes that I wouldn't make myself at home. I'm particularly fond of eating dessert in restaurants, since I don't make them much at home.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world to any restaurant, what would you order for yourself?
I would like to eat at Sukibayashi Jiro (the sushi bar in the documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi") and let the chef choose the menu. In fact, that's something I recommend at many sushi bars: just let the chef choose what to feed you. If you love fish of all kinds, it's a very adventurous way to discover new types of sushi you might not have chosen for yourself.
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This stuff is YUMMY! Thanks for inventing it!

I think mine might be a little more American than intended; the cheese curds are not the freshest (they're the best I could get, living in Arkansas), and I used beef gravy, which some sources on the internet state is not the preferred. Despite all that, however, it was quite delicious! Might make this at a Creech party next winter; it feels like a very wintery food to me.

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I thought my LJ Canadians, especially the [livejournal.com profile] velvetpage family & the [livejournal.com profile] mairesue family might be interested to know that tonight I will be attempting to make that bastion of Canadian cuisine...poutine! Recently we found that a local grocery store sells cheese curds. They are probably not the freshest, squeakiest ones (they come from Wisconsin), but it was enough to inspire me to try my hand at it. I bought some steak fries, and I will be making some brown gravy.

You might find this silly, but I am trying to be authentic: what seasonings are acceptable on the fries themselves? Just salt & pepper?

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I had the best experience at Burger King today. They've really changed up their menu, & they have some super cool sounding stuff. Their dipping sauces especially. So I got onion rings & asked this guy about the sauces. From the beginning of the conversation, he had this body language that Bryan has termed the "Hillary is a Rock Star" effect. I'm pretty sure it was the same body language I had around Jeff Coffin. It usually happens among nursing students (probably bc they're constantly being told what a nurse should look like & I'm a respected, credentialed nurse who looks nothing like that, but I digress), but I get it from people who crush on me, too, like the girl at Starbucks. This guy was even getting tongue tied. :)

Me: Can I get TWO sauces? *playing it for all it's worth*
Him: SURE!
Me: Which ones are good on onion rings?
Him: Depends on what you like. The jalapeno bbq is really good, but it's got quite a bite. *very obviously trying to seem manly*
Me: Oh! Is the kung pao sauce hot, too?
Him: Yeah, that one is REALLY spicy.
Me: OKAY! I'll take one of each!
Him: o_O

In his defense, I did sort of troll him. I was playing it off like I wanted to avoid the sauces that were hot. I was feeling mischevious. Sort of LOKI-LIKE, IF YOU WILL. Like this time me & Q & Jess were in Rogers & the gelato guy was like "You won't want more than a bite of the spicy chocolate, it's too hot!" and Q ordered & consumed a whole scoop. :D

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For my first trick...I mean, my first dish with my CSA produce...I present this fruit salad! There weren't a ton of strawberries, so I chopped them along with some pineapple & some bananas. Fruit salad! Check out my parfait!

My 2nd CSA dish was a quiche with bacon, kale, & aged gouda. I LOVED it, but Bryan requests that next time I not use quite so much kale. He's right; it was a bit imbalanced; almost more like a salad than a quiche. ^_^;; Oh well. For a recipe I just sort of cobbled together, I'd say that's not bad. Here's what I did (with apologies to #cookingwithjoanne because that style is too much fun not to mimic just a bit!):

1) Chopped a bunch of kale. Like, a LOT. Probably too much.
2) Chopped some bacon. Like, a lot. There is never too much bacon.
3) Removed a purchased pie crust from my fridge. I can't make that stuff. When I do, the results are terrifying & non-pie-crust-like.
4) Fried the bacon, just like I'd brown ground meat or whatever.
5) Put the kale on the bacon to wilt. Put a lid on that mess.
6) Crack 4 eggs in a bowl. In hindsight I should've used 5.
7) Dump some milk on that. How much? I have no idea. Till it looks good.
8) Grate some Robusto gouda. Grate some more. What applies to bacon also applies to cheese, y'all.
9) Put the pie crust in a pie plate.
10) Toss the kale & bacon all together until it's good & messy. Dump that bacon-y mess into the pie crust.
11) Dump the cheese-y mess onto the bacony-mess.
12) Make a giant egg-y mess out of the whole thing by pouring on the egg/milk mixture. It should look giant, goopy, and slightly gross except for the fact that it's made entirely of delicious produce, bacon, eggs & cheese.
13) Poke that sucker in the oven for 30 minutes on 350ºF because that is my default "time & temperature" for cooking things. Actually check it at 20 minutes because WHO KNOWS? I just kept wiggling it & poking it until it looked reasonably done. THIS WAS AN EXPERIMENT; WORK WITH ME HERE.
14) Get it out, let it stand until it can be cut, then EAT THAT BACON-Y MESSY GOODNESS IN A CRUST.

Adjust kale to taste, or taste of significant others, children, or other household personages.

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Edit to add: Did anyone else notice I randomly switched tense/voice in the middle of that? I went from declarative past tense to...command statements?
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I do it every so often, you know. Ratings are completely arbitrary gauges of my interest.

2221 Louisiana Street. Historical house: built in 1909! <3! Their taste in decor is...not mine, but the house itself is awesome. Four bedroom, which is precisely what we need. 8/10.

1916 Stagecoach Village. Hardwood floors! Big open spaces! If there's anything that can trump a truly old house for me, it's those 2 things. Old houses tended to have well-defined rooms and I really do prefer open spaces. Check out the walk-in shower and that awesome bathtub too. Loses one point because it's quite far from my favorite parts of Little Rock (closer to where I-430 & I-630 meet). 9/10.

2704 S. Arch. It loses a little for being kinda ugly on the outside front, but again it's an old house. Build in 1910, it's actually very large & open on the inside. Hardwood floors throughout, a great bathroom, and OMG LOOK AT THE BALCONY. The major problem here is neighborhood. I don't think this is a very good one. 8/10.

3014 Valley Park. Now, the house looks boring on the outside but the neighborhood info indicates this is where we'd fit. This is off of Hinson, up past where we always go for the Greek Food Festival. It's very near some of my favorite parts of Little Rock (like my favorite grocery stores). Furnishings in this house indicate someone with taste very like mine; there is extremely colorful abstract art on the wall, a crazy rug in the living room (again, wood floors!) and leather furniture. I love the ceiling in the dining room. Four bedrooms, too. This one interests me enough that I want to drive down & take a tour of it. 10/10.

12412 Coleen. Most of the 12 photos are of the kitchen. Boring. But the neighborhood is, again, one of my favorites. There are 4 bedrooms and bonus points for a few walls in the house being painted RED. 9/10.

3 Ludington Cove. The photos leave me thinking I might suffocate in the tiny, closed off rooms, but I'd have to look at it to know whether that's just my impression from the photos or not. I like this neighborhood; again, we fit the demographics and it's geographically right in the spot I like (i.e. 10 minutes to the Whole Foods, about 5 minutes to Kavanaugh Heights).

I'm looking at condominiums too, but I'm finding problems with that. I have yet to see a 4 bedroom condo, and that's what we're going to want: Master bedroom, Ganon's room, Office, and Room-for-kid-not-yet-established. The other problem is that most condo locations are billing themselves as "luxury condo communities" and WHOA that means expensive. Sucks, too, because a couple of the downtown ones would be perfect for the place I want to work.

Orowheat Sandwich Thins. Picked some of these buggers up at Kroger, thinking they looked like flatbread & maybe they'd be good. OMG THESE ARE MADE FOR HUMMUS. According to the company info you're supposed to use them to make sandwiches or whatever, but I don't know why you'd do that when they are so beyond perfect for hummus. Right now I'm eating one spread with Spicy 3 Pepper hummus for breakfast and I can hardly explain how awesome it is. BUT I'm thinking these would also be awesome for cucumber sandwiches (probably with hummus), and I could see making a turkey pastrami on one, or a million other things. Peanut butter & banana or apple. Nutella would be straight up good on these. I'm thinking I could eat them toasted with stew. On their own, they taste really "hearty," so whatever you associate with that sort of thing, they'd probably go great with.

I slept last night, but I'm about to go BACK to bed & get a sleep overdose so I can stay up tonight for work. Maybe I'll take a sandwich on one of these little round things for midnight lunch. I think if I go to sleep now I'll wake up early & do some laundry & things before I go in tonight.

What wouldn't I give to find a temporary hair dye that made my hair the color it is in this icon again?
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First I had some peaches...


Then I put some crunchy topping on them.


I baked them in the oven.


It was rather delicious.


So LoudTwitter is back. However, I think I'm going to stick with Twittinesis. It's actually seemed more stable throughout Twitter's various meltdowns, whereas every time Twitter sneezed, LoudTwitter freaked out.

My only beef with Twittenesis is that I cannot post via email. At first it had no cut, but then the developer fixed that. Now if I could post via email, I could actually send my tweets to Tumblr & spare you guys.

I'm sick today. Ganon & I were supposed to go over to Mrs. Carla's house & play again today (I am getting him accustomed to her & her house before he has to stay there all week next week), but I have significant flu-like symptoms: joint aches, headache, congestion in both sinuses & lungs, swollen throat. We did not go over; I called to tell her I didn't want to give her & Addison the Cold of Doom (unless this is actual flu, which I also do not want to spread).

About the only thing that isn't wrong with me is on my arm: my TB skin test is fine. Bruised, but no redness or induration. One of the coolest things about having a BSN is that I'm now allowed to read my own TB skin test.


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