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I had an amusing moment yesterday. I already posted it to Facebook, & I don't usually cross-post to here, but it's a pretty amusing thing across the board.

I was at the farm, swimming with Ganon, Jagger & Layla (my niece & nephew), & my mom. Momma & I were swatting wasps & yellowjackets with swatters. The lake that used to be there on the farm has been drained to make room for more fields, so the only source of water for miles during this drought is their pool. So we were smacking the wasps so they didn't get the kids. No big deal.

Until I heard a buzz different from the others. This was less "buzz" & more "droning hum". o_O I looked around for the source & saw the biggest wasp-like monster I have ever seen. I think I've seen mice smaller than this behemoth. I had my swatter raised, but it suddenly looked rather inadequate. I wanted to warn Momma of the situation, so I said "MOMMA..." and instantly heard in my voice that high, urgent tone kids use to get their parents attention when they're alarmed. Momma saw it and I saw my own thought process on her face, too: this fly swatter is NOT sufficient.

Instead she snagged Layla by the back of her jacket & said "IT'S A HORNET. OKAY, KIDS. BACK THIS WAY." We let the hornet have all the water it wanted.

The funniest part struck me afterward: that I used that tone of voice. Even when your kids are 33 years old & swimming with THEIR kids, you're still "MOMMA," complete with urgent inflection, when something hits the fan. ^o^

The highs have been in the 80s for the past 2 days! Today we edge up to 90 or 91 again, but it's expected to go back down. A local meteorologist (Ryan Vaughn, who is hilarious on Facebook) made the bold statement that he thinks we're done with 100 degree weather for this year. o_O! Either way, I'm happy for the respite. I can even officially start longing for cool weather. I got a super awesome black jacket at Torrid when we were in Dallas (thanks to their sale, I got a $60 jacket for $10 when all the discounts were said & done), and I am anxious to wear it. It's really structured & military-style so it'll look good with flowy, bohemian maxi-skirts. One of my favorite looks, for sure.

This week is Q's birthday! I work that day, & so does Jess, so we're eating pizza here tonight. Not a big deal, but sometimes you don't want a big deal for your birthday, you know?

Now, soon as the colder weather rolls around, there is going to be a fondue party in this house & THAT'S when we make a big deal of things. :) There will be all sorts of fun then, like bacon-wrapped, goat-cheese stuffed dates, gouda foundue, all kinds of wine, & possibly some pie. There will also be a general LJ invitation for those of you close enough to drive. ^_^ This fantastic shindig will occur sometime in September or October. LOOK FORWARD TO IT! :D
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Notable moments on Saturday:

[livejournal.com profile] thejessone got me a birthday basket of win! It had a Hard Candy blue eyeshadow duo (which I'll be wearing tonight, I think), some dark chocolate Reese's cups, dark chocolate raspberry Ghirardelli squares (SO YUM *flails*), some yarn, a vanilla scented candle (of which Ganon approves; he loves vanilla scents, just like his Daddy), and LOLLIPOPS. They were ADORABLE, shaped like slices of fruit. You can see the orange one in the pictures I posted of Ganon (of course he asked for the orange one right away).

☀ I got to take all kinds of pictures & mess with different lighting (breezeway with glass walls, outside, outside in shade, inside the Market).

☀ I turned Jess on to Mo's Dark Bacon Bar. I insisted she try it, and of course she looked at me like most people do when I'm offering them chocolate that contains bacon. She's a fellow adventurer, though, so she tried it...and when we went to Whole Foods later, she got her own. :D

☀ I got to eat at Rumba for the first time since the Flecktones concert. I found myself wishing DESPERATELY the Flecktones (or hey, the Mu'tet) were playing that night. Would've made a pretty epic evening. Rumba alone was awesome, though. That is some DARN good food; next time I think I'm going to try the steak skewers that Jess got. They smelled delectable. Also: I had a Latin Kiss (rum with peach schnapps, cranberry & pineapple juices). Highly recommend!

☀ Also at Rumba, they seated us right next to the outdoor patio, with the doors flung open and rain pouring down. I LOVED it. We had this amazing slight breeze with the smell of the rain & the river. I could've just laid down & slept on that booth bench.

☀ Zak & Ganon were both wearing Converse, so I got a picture of Big Converse & Little Converse. I love Big/Little pictures so much.

☀ As Jess & I were buying beads from Beads by Becky in the Market breezeway, a couple walked by with 2 St. Bernard dogs. I reacted in pretty much the way you expect, and as I was heading out the door to meet the doggies, I heard Jess tell Becky "Aaaaaand we lost her." :D :D :D I'm nothing if not predictable, I suppose!

☀ Though it rained later, it was sunny as we ate at the Market. The Market building itself was SO crowded, so we ate outside Boulevard Bread on the picnic tables. We talked about houses; you can buy a LOT of house for not much money at all right now in Little Rock. Zak & Jess like Sherwood, while Bryan & I prefer west Little Rock.

☀ I drove out to the house we love so much to show it off to Jess...and discovered something I didn't know. There are DAFFODILS in the yard, you guys. "It's a sign," Jess pointed out. :D

As for today, I'm awake making cupcakes for tonight's potluck at work. It's in honor of mine & Rachel's birthdays. Kinda late, yes, but our birthdays both fell within the 2 week range where we switched over to Meditech, and we didn't really have the time to do the potluck then. I'm making pumpkin spice cupcakes (at Maria's request; she was working on 2 North one night when I made them and she loves them) and white cupcakes with chocolate frosting & sprinkles at Rachel's request, as those are her favorite.

Not likely to be awake long after I make the cupcakes, since I need the sleep and my back was killing me earlier, prompting me to take a Vicodin. I think it's the way I've been sitting on the sofa with my laptop. Gotta pay closer attention to that sorta thing.
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Highlights from my day of photography on Saturday!

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