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There's a Sesame Street podcast on iTunes! How awesome is that! I've been wanting to start Ganon on Sesame Street for quite some time now. He loves Thomas, and he learned to pay attention through that. He's been saying things that they repeat a lot on the shows (he says "Making tracks to great destinations!" and it's SO CUTE), and Thomas is great for teaching empathy. [personal profile] starry_midnight linked me to a CNN article about Thomas being used to help autistic kids learn to read the facial expressions of others. Ganon's neurotypical, but it's certainly worked well for him. He calls out "sad" & "cross" & "happy" as he sees them now, both on Thomas & elsewhere.

In this week's Newsweek article is a write-up on Sesame Street's 40th anniversary. They started Sesame Street in 1969; it was banned in Mississippi for showing black people and white ones living on the same street. Different era from mine, let me tell you. But I grew up with Mr. Hooper and Susan and Big Bird and Ernie and Bert. The Children's Television Workshop does tons of research, and there's lots to indicate that test scores are consistently higher through high school for children who watched a lot of Sesame Street before kindergarten. My mother considers me living proof, and maybe she's right. I know for a fact that my love of learning can be DIRECTLY attributed to Sesame Street; I remember seeing things on the show that I wanted to know more about. And the urban setting! Holy cow, that opened up a whole new world for this rural farm girl. To this day, Sesame Street is my ideal home--there in those row houses, sitting on the steps with my neighbors, buying stuff for supper at the corner grocery, having flowers in windowboxes and knowing everyone's name.

I am home from clinical. I am quite sick, and I"m going to bed. But first

STOP. Hammertime.

The gentleman in the suit top & sweatband cracks me STRAIGHT UP.
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Privilege. Bold the ones that apply to you.

Cut for some length )
So in all, I am more privileged than TONS of people, and less privileged than some. I get to take many things for granted, but instead I try to remember those. I'm grateful for the things I've "had good" in my life, but not where they came at expense to someone else, and I maintain an awareness of the inherent unfairness of that. Interestingly enough, when you think of this as it originated--a classroom exercise where you take a step for each statement that applies to you--Bryan is a great deal further from the starting point than I am. Bryan was from an entirely different segment of middle class than me; we were both middle class but he was decidedly upper, and I was decidedly lower. In fact, financially it's possible I grew up in poverty, but it was not the "generational poverty" that some did.

Ganon woke up & we immediately set him on his potty this morning, determined to win the battle of wills that potty training has become. He's stubborn, but I am a nurse & Bryan's a teacher & we fancy we know something about dealing with strong-willed humans.

cut because some people don't care about the gritty details )

I can't figure how he could manage to hold it so long after waking up. First thing I have to do in the morning is go to the freaking bathroom!

Edit: And 30 minutes later I check his diaper. Still dry, so I put him on the potty again. He went in less than a minute. *head-effing-desk*
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Possibly my greatest moment of parenting thus far: sitting down with Ganon in the living room floor and having a serious conversation about how motorcycles are for boys (like Ganon) & girls (like Mama), but not for doggies (like Pete).

Went to Little Rock today. First we went to Newport so Bryan could get a few things done at school, but then we headed to LR and ate lunch at the Rivermarket. It's one of Bryan's favorite places; he loves the atmosphere and of course you KNOW I do. <3 The place is just awesome. After that, we went to the Museum of Discovery, down on Clinton Ave right next door to the Rivermarket itself. That was pretty cool, even if Ganon's a bit old for most of it. His favorite part was the room with--count 'em--FIVE train tables. I'm pretty sure that's Ganon heaven, right there. Whole Foods afterward, to get honey & some other stuff. We got Ganon some organic mini-waffles; Bryan's going to be responsible for breakfast, lunch & dinner on the days I have clinicals, and whatever makes that easier is good. Ganon can pick up a mini-waffle & eat it without much fuss. Even easier than cereal.

Tonight we're home, and I'm so tired. Exhaustion hits me heaviest behind the eyes, oddly. My eyes feel heavy, like the eyeballs themselves are made of stone--hard and dense.

Well, Mr. Overlord himself just came and laid across my lap. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY, Mamaaaaaaaaaa". I think someone needs some attention, so off I go.
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Well last night was fancy. We were sitting at home, watching our newest Star Trek: DS9 dvd from Netflix, when I started to get text messages. The first was a tornado warning from KAIT, the local television station. This made me kinda blink because, while it was rainy out, it looked nothing like a storm, much less a tornado. o_O I went out on the back porch. There was something that looked like it might be a funnel cloud, but it was far off south, toward Cherry Valley & Cross County. I came back in to find 2 direct messages from Twitter friends and about 4 or 5 @replies warning me to get someplace safe. *blinkblink* I called Daddy to see if he was hearing anything, and he told me to turn on our radio to 104.9 (it's a local country station that has really amazing weather updates; they were invaluable during the ice storm). I did, and there were the nice DJs telling me that there was a funnel cloud approaching the ground. It was 5 miles east of Waldenburg and moving north. *checks* Oh wait, that's making a beeline for HERE. We're about 5 miles east and 10 miles north of that. Also...we live in a mobile home (we already own the land and it's mega-cheap). So! Instead of staying in the tornado magnet, we jumped ourselves in the CR-V and drove 30 seconds across the yard (water was ankle deep by this point) to my sister Courtney's house. It is brick. This is much better than my house which is just slightly more sturdy than tin foil.

And we sat there while nothing but really pretty clouds and intermittent rain happened. As usual. I told Bryan that we're actually keeping anything from happening by going to Courtney's. The day we decide to stay in our tin foil house is the day a giant tornado comes bearing down and eats the whole farm. I got some neat photos, though.

Today we're going to be having a marathon potty training session here at the Creech household. Cut because some people don't care )

Devil's Den State Park. This seems like it would be such a fun weekend adventure. <3 I certainly am not into the caving part, but the scenery in that part of Arkansas is INCREDIBLE, and I could take tons of awesome photos. The 3-bedroom cabin sleeps 8 people and is only $180 a night. If you split that 8 ways, that's CHEAP.

Eureka Springs is another weekend adventure I'd like to take.

Do any of you have a Tumblr blog? I do: I'm HillaryGayle there, too. It's a mobile photoblog for me, since I do any writing/journaling here.

Everything above this line was written yesterday; I totally forgot to post this. Ugh.

We had a hilarious conversation last night with Ganon. We had gone to Aunt G's, where we ate grilled hot dogs with the rest of the family, and when it was time to leave, Ganon threw a FIT. It was certainly worthy of his Overlordly name. So on the way home, this ensued.

Ganon: *throws Epic Tantrum of Supreme Anger, which dissipates into a coughing fit*
Bryan: Do you want a drink of water?
Ganon: *screams angrily* NOOOO!
Me: Ganon...
Ganon: *screams angrily* NO THANK YOU!
Me: *to Bryan* ...we're going to have to have a conversation about "tone" sometime.
Bryan: Yep.

So today it's me & Ganon. He WAS having a fit for me to play MarioKart, but with the help of a Thomas DVD, we eventually came to grips with the concept that "Mama has a quality assurance fishbone diagram due, and cannot play MarioKart all day long". I also have a wretched sore throat on one side, and the ear on that same side hurts. This is not good.

Tomorrow is both the HESI exam and the orientation for this summer's "Practice for Real Life" clinicals. On Thursday, I begin 10 weeks of clinicals--3 12-hour shifts per week on Tuesday-Thursday. Would you like to know my schedule? I KNEW YOU WOULD. <3 I've no idea which hospitals these will be at.

Thursday: Management
June 2-4: Management, then 2 days in ER (only 2 days? Feeling ripped off.)
June 9-11: 2 North, then Critical Care (OMG the unit; I'm so excited and so nervous!)
June 16-18: Critical Care
June 23-25: It says "H" for all of us on the 23rd, but I'm not sure what that's about. 24-25 I'm back on 2 North.
June 30-July 2: 2 North
July 7-9: 2 North, then 2 East
July 14-16: THIS is what I'm stoked about. LeBonheur Children's Medical Center in Memphis! Obvs this is our pediatric rotation. I'm so excited; this is a premier children's medical center in the US. My pediatric rotation is in the big leagues! Yaaaaay! I think I will need to stay in a hotel; though; our shifts are 12 hour, and I won't feel like driving all the way back to Weiner after that. Especially if a shift is super-busy.
July 21-23: 2 East
July 28-30: Something about "preceptors", so I'm not sure what that's all about. We might be assigned to a specific nurse? Any other BSN students want to enlighten me on what this might be? It's only 3 days, which is way too short for an actual preceptorship. And I thought you did the real preceptorship when you got hired on someplace.

Anyway, there's that. Now I am going to complete that quality assurance diagram, and I'm going to read the Legalities in Nursing chapter & finish up that quiz.

I think Earth Jam has replaced Lochs of Dread as my favorite Flecktones song.


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