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At the request of my Twitter friend Steven, here are photos of my Otter Box'd iPhone. It looks so bright & cheerful! Yellow & white FTW!

Front without clip
Front without clip

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The clip is a LOT more sturdy than I was willing to give it credit for at first. It clips snugly to a belt or pocket and it holds the phone really firmly. I am overall REALLY impressed with this, and I maintain so far it was worth $50.
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Bryan & I went to the Dairy Shack to order supper for everyone. When we got back & opened Momma's "shrimp basket" this is what we found. I lost it, because really--how surreal to expect shrimp & fries and then get like 3 lbs of bacon.

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Over on LJ, [personal profile] pyat is playing a fun game. You reply with "WORDS!!" to my entry, and I give you 5 words that I associate with you. You then expound upon them at will in your own journal & fork over words in turn.

I haz it! I just don't haz it in the way that many people might assume. I am not uptight and I have no desire at all to impose my own moral values on others (except insofar as "murder is bad" and "just don't hurt other people" and "you probably shouldn't kick puppies"). In fact, I'm quite politically liberal. My interpretation of Christianity pushes me to do whatever good I can for the people of my world with any means I have at hand; my education, my financial situation, my vote--I think all of these things should be used to help someone. I think Jesus was pretty cool, and I would have wanted to hang out with him.

One interesting quirk of my Christianity is that I have a massive distaste for much of Paul's writing. I realize the position of women during the time the New Testament was written, and I understand that Paul was a product of his culture. However, he just seems more misogynist than anyone else in the NT. Sometimes I wonder if Paul was a Nice Guy™ and got all bitter over some beautiful Hebrew woman who married someone else. His best friend, maybe. ^_~ Anyway, I find Paul sort of icky, and I have to swallow that down to get the good stuff out of his writing. [personal profile] quiara and I have entirely different reactions to him. ^_^

I haz this as well! There are many words for this--voluptuous, curvy, overweight, fat, zaftig--but my favorites are "plump" and "solid". Both of these words have really good connotations to me. I am plump like a delicious peach with so much juice it runs down your chin. Plump like an overstuffed pillow on your friend's couch; when you sit down you can't help but be enveloped and comfortable. I am solid like a rock, something you can cling to when things get crazy. I am solid like a horse, with the strength to help people with tasks they can't do for themselves. My favorite animal to compare myself to is an elephant: big and strong but graceful and elegant all the same.

Yeah, I'm pretty cool with being voluptuous. I like to wear things that show off my shape, like dresses that cling from the bust to the hip, and then flare out. I also like dresses & skirts that hit just below or right at the knee to show off my calves & ankles. Last summer I made peace with my arms. Or rather, I realized that I'd long ago made peace with them! Last summer I realized I was dressing to cover up my upper arms, not because I was ashamed of them for being plump, but because I'd always done that! My fashion options got more varied. :) I now wear sleeveless & spaghetti strap dresses with just a wrap or with nothing. My plump arms out there in front of God & everyone! How dare I show my arms when they look NOTHING like Michelle Obama's?! ^_^

That's me! As I said up there, I believe that what I have should be used to help those who don't have the same privileges I do. My money, my power, my skills, and my education.

Furthermore, I believe in self-determination. I believe that help should be there and available, but I also believe that people should get to make their own decisions about how to live their lives. I see no reason to have a law against something so long as it doesn't infringe upon the rights of others.

Oh, my state. Yes, she can be backwards & weird, but there are good things about Arkansas, too. I'm quite in love with the city of Little Rock. Unlike Jonesboro, Little Rock has shown a distinct preference toward local things: restaurants, shops, etc. Little Rock also has a really neat public parks initiative: the Parks Conservancy's goal is to make Little Rock "A City in a Park" and not a city with a bunch of parks. The Clinton museum is awesome, the Rivermarket is MY FAVORITE. I've really discovered a serious soft spot for Little Rock recently.

Northwest Arkansas is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Ozarks (not mountains, but rather an erosion event that happened when the ocean covering Arkansas receded thousands of years ago) are nothing short of stunning, no matter what season. Eureka Springs is in northwest Arkansas, and I want so badly to visit it. It's well known that it's a city full of "weirdos" according to my dad. To give you an example of what this might mean: Eureka Springs got rid of any city ordinances against marijuana. Obviously it's still a state offense, and if you're trafficking there are clearly federal issues there, but a city police officer won't cite you for it. I imagine state level police don't get involved in minor issues (someone with a couple of joints), so essentially it's a lot safer for pot in Eureka Springs. ^_^ Eureka Springs also has a registry for same-sex couples; it isn't a marriage, but it's the closest thing they can give you. It's well known as a wedding destination in the state, and several websites show both hetero & homo couples in their wedding planning layouts.

But alas, I live in northeast Arkansas. It isn't particularly beautiful (except in autumn, when we have that "amber waves of grain" thing going on), we don't have many local places (there are a few in downtown Jonesboro), and the majority of folks here are Bible-thumping Baptists. It isn't all bad, though: my favorite thing about Jonesboro is how fun it is to discover the other "weirdos". There are relatively few people here who agree with me on many subjects: alcohol in moderation (this is a dry county), political issues, religious issues. However, they do exist, and that fact makes it all the more fun when I find them. When I found fun people to knit with on Thursday nights, that was awesome (I hope to start meeting with them again!). When I see someone write into the letters section of the Jonesboro Sun with something I agree with instead of something I want to mock in a journal post, I giggle with glee. In fact, one of the ways I realized I'd found my niche in nursing is that I'm finding LOTS of our local nurses, especially those in the ER, are quite like me in these things. I was stunned and elated at the treatment of a transgender patient I came across in the hospital; I'd expected there to be eye rolling and snide remarks and found nothing but respect, openness, & flexibility. I make a lot of assumptions about the people in my area, and I like it when they prove me wrong.

Arkansas is COOL, y'all.

I LOVE IT SO. I've always liked it because I enjoy makeup & I love color, and eye makeup is where you can get crazy with the color. <3 My mom-in-law feeds my addiction by regularly giving me colorful eyeliners from Avon; last time I went down she gave me eyeliner pencils from the "mark" brand in Wine, Emerald, & Sapphire and OMG they're so awesome! Bright colors, go on smoothly, GLEEEEEE!

I use Bella Terra minerals on my eyes for the most part. I have a couple of MAC items, but just a few. When you buy Bella Terra, you can get 9 different colors (loose mineral pigment powders) for about $50-60, depending on whether you feel like haggling with the hilarious guy who works the kiosk at Stonebriar Center in Frisco (where I get mine). I have the option to use any of these as any type of shadow I want: dry for a luminous look, with a wet sponge for a painted, intense look, or with Pixi eye makeup sealant (available at Target) as eyeliner. There have to be hundreds, maybe thousands, of different combinations I can try. I'm willing to try any of them, too. I'm currently trying to figure out a good way of using the purples I have, and I've just had a pretty brilliant idea involving the Wine color of eyeliner Christy gave me. Hmmm...

I think the eye makeup demonstrates 2 things about my personality: love of color and boldness. I love variety & color, both visually and metaphorically. I like new things, different people, unusual textures. I want to eat life with chopsticks, as my BFF [personal profile] quiara has said about me. There are THINGS in this world, and I want to experience them. That goes along with boldness, too. I am unafraid to make mistakes, and I'm unafraid of attention. This often gets mistaken as "wanting" attention, but there's a difference. I really just want to be in the middle of things, and that tends to get attention. In the hospital, my crazy eyeshadow does get a lot of attention, but it's been good. As long as I am a helpful, competent nurse, it actually seems to place me on people's "good side". I am upbeat and quirky by nature, and the eyeshadow is almost a display of that: a sign around my neck saying so. People in the hospital seem to appreciate a competent, friendly, upbeat & quirky nurse. I guess when you're stuck in the hospital, EVERYONE appreciates variety as much as I do. ^_^

So those are my words! If you would also like some words, respond with "WORDS!!" and I'll give you some! It's kinda like the Friday Five but more open ended and not on Friday.

Evidently since so many places are now offering iPhone cases, the prices are coming down! I paid $30 for my case from more-thing.com, and I'm quite happy with it...but darn it if they're going to be cheaper, then I want some to change in & out of! ^o^ I like the one I got, but it's very shiny & metallic, and you can imagine that it has scratched. Here are a few I'm thinking about.

[Note: Read the text on these pages. It's a great example of English-as-second-language. There are no giant technical or grammar errors, but words are used in unusual ways. I really love it.]

Shining in red by Ultra Case.
Darius in rose by DSstyles.
Cibo in red by DSstyles.
Zirconia in red by DSstyles, but I actually think I'd go for the rainbow glitter version instead.
[personal profile] starry_midnight, if you had an iPhone, you'd be getting this one as a gift from me: Spumante.
Prato: I have no idea why this one has a marijuana leaf on it. I do not think it means what they think it means. Or perhaps they don't realize it means anything at all beyond a cool looking leaf.
Tutela. Goes all the way around the front, so it covers the phone entirely. No colors I'm just crazy about, so I put it in purple for Leslie!
Fuime. I actually like the gold/brown better than the red/silver here.
Swirl is a really neat one for when I want to show off the actual white color of my phone.
Darius S series: IN PLAID! [personal profile] quiara, this one would be YOUR present when you get an iPhone!
While I'm at it, here's one for [personal profile] cuppa_t: Crown. Because she's the queen of her house!
Ribbon is a very cute style and even cuter because you can order all 4 colors at once if you want them.

Still, I think I'll end up going with something glittery. Zirconia in rainbow glitter is my absolute favorite right now.

Right now I am getting things ready to go to a shower. I am helping throw Ty's fiancee Jenny a shower at Aunt Ginger's house. I made sausage balls; very cruelly, I might add. You see, we now have sausage balls in our kitchen but Bryan is not allowed to eat them. This does NOT sit well with poor Bryan. ^_^ I will have to get the stuff to make some more when I get home. I also got the stuff to make chocolate chip cookies because I've been craving them. They're a summer food for me.

I'm hoping to meet up with Q for some knitting after the shower. Wheeee!


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