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Nov. 2nd, 2012 03:39 pm
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The light show is almost as awesome as the music.

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The answer to this never fails to surprise me, though it's been the same answer for many years, if I look back. I suppose it's because I never truly THOUGHT about it until recently, when it became possible for me to step back, look at my life, and decide where I could live. Bryan does not have a geographical location that's important to him; he has stated many times that he could live anywhere with me and Ganon and be just fine. But me, I do have places I feel more comfortable.

I cannot live without certain types of trees, for example. I need a mixture of old growth, very tall trees, both deciduous and evergreen. Short or young trees won't do this. I need that feeling of time, the thick trunks, the opaque canopies.

Another thing I love: hills. When I look at the horizon and see the crest of a hill, covered thickly in green trees, touching the blue of the sky with clouds just peeking over--I feel entirely "safe".

Stone. I love the feeling of all kinds of stone. It's something else that has the feeling of time, of age.

While I want the feeling of time and age in things, I also like change. If things stayed constant all the time, I'd be bored within months. That's why I love living in a temperate climate, where each season has a certain amount of time and they are all defined and easily differentiated. I want all 4 seasons, and I want there to be a difference. Change is another reason I love big cities. Big cities are constantly changing. New things are springing up, new people moving in, new things happening. You can explore every day and find something new, not only because the place itself is large and would take a long time to explore, but because there's always someone doing something in it, changing the place so that it's different than it was before.

Hills, trees, stone, seasons, cities. Put all these together, and I'm actually in a really good state for the type of things I like. Because Arkansas has the Ozarks. <3!!! I was raised in the eastern part of Arkansas, in the flatlands, but there is something in me that's always adored the hills. Maybe it's genetic; my grandma Wanda was born & raised in the Ozarks and has since moved back after raising her family (including my dad) here in the Delta. What I do know is that even when I was very young, I waited impatiently for each summer when we'd go to the cabin in Hardy, on Spring River, and I'd be surrounded by the hills and the stone and the trees. I felt more at home there than I felt at home, and not just because we were on vacation. OneUp Studios had a couple of events in Fayetteville, Arkansas, at Deepwood House, and I felt like I could move into that house and be happy for the rest of my life. When we went to Hot Springs for Bryan's teaching conference in 2008, I wandered around the park and felt exactly the same things, even though I was in the middle of a city. City, yes, but the hills & trees & stone were there, so I was at home.

The Ozarks are not mountains (oooh, trivia for ya there!), but there is a lot of change in elevation. They're what happened when the ocean drained away from this state millions of years ago, leaving behind an ocean floor with both sedimentary & igneous rock. After all those years of rain, the sedementary rock eroded, leaving the igneous stone behind--giving us the hills. They're full of forests with thick canopies and thick trunks. Perhaps even more fitting, the Ozarks seem to attract the eccentric in my state. Which, of course, works for me. ^_^ Eureka Springs, Hot Springs, & Little Rock all have big populations of people who share my interests & leanings.

So all that to say why I'd like us to move to Little Rock. It's not that it's DEEP in the Ozarks, but, well, check out this elevation map:

When you look at the elevation on the east side of the state, well...it's not hard to get higher than that. I also prefer west Little Rock. Again, looking at the map, I wonder why? ^_^ I hadn't thought about it until this entry & this map, but it makes sense given everything else. The neighborhoods that Bryan & I have looked at on that side of town all have something in common: hills, huge trees, stone. And of course, with hills come those houses with basements that Bryan loves so much. I think maybe he's a hobbit. ^_^

As far as how often I visit or imagine being there: pretty much constantly. I always think of what I'd be doing if I lived in my Little Rock dream house, or how I'd feel if I looked out the window & saw hills. My computer desktops, when they're not Jeff Coffin or Dave Matthews Band, are usually photographs I've taken at Grandma's house in Mammoth Springs or some of my Fayetteville photos. I visit as often as I can, but Little Rock is 2 hours away & that's limiting. But I can & do take every excuse as an opportunity.
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Notable moments on Saturday:

[livejournal.com profile] thejessone got me a birthday basket of win! It had a Hard Candy blue eyeshadow duo (which I'll be wearing tonight, I think), some dark chocolate Reese's cups, dark chocolate raspberry Ghirardelli squares (SO YUM *flails*), some yarn, a vanilla scented candle (of which Ganon approves; he loves vanilla scents, just like his Daddy), and LOLLIPOPS. They were ADORABLE, shaped like slices of fruit. You can see the orange one in the pictures I posted of Ganon (of course he asked for the orange one right away).

☀ I got to take all kinds of pictures & mess with different lighting (breezeway with glass walls, outside, outside in shade, inside the Market).

☀ I turned Jess on to Mo's Dark Bacon Bar. I insisted she try it, and of course she looked at me like most people do when I'm offering them chocolate that contains bacon. She's a fellow adventurer, though, so she tried it...and when we went to Whole Foods later, she got her own. :D

☀ I got to eat at Rumba for the first time since the Flecktones concert. I found myself wishing DESPERATELY the Flecktones (or hey, the Mu'tet) were playing that night. Would've made a pretty epic evening. Rumba alone was awesome, though. That is some DARN good food; next time I think I'm going to try the steak skewers that Jess got. They smelled delectable. Also: I had a Latin Kiss (rum with peach schnapps, cranberry & pineapple juices). Highly recommend!

☀ Also at Rumba, they seated us right next to the outdoor patio, with the doors flung open and rain pouring down. I LOVED it. We had this amazing slight breeze with the smell of the rain & the river. I could've just laid down & slept on that booth bench.

☀ Zak & Ganon were both wearing Converse, so I got a picture of Big Converse & Little Converse. I love Big/Little pictures so much.

☀ As Jess & I were buying beads from Beads by Becky in the Market breezeway, a couple walked by with 2 St. Bernard dogs. I reacted in pretty much the way you expect, and as I was heading out the door to meet the doggies, I heard Jess tell Becky "Aaaaaand we lost her." :D :D :D I'm nothing if not predictable, I suppose!

☀ Though it rained later, it was sunny as we ate at the Market. The Market building itself was SO crowded, so we ate outside Boulevard Bread on the picnic tables. We talked about houses; you can buy a LOT of house for not much money at all right now in Little Rock. Zak & Jess like Sherwood, while Bryan & I prefer west Little Rock.

☀ I drove out to the house we love so much to show it off to Jess...and discovered something I didn't know. There are DAFFODILS in the yard, you guys. "It's a sign," Jess pointed out. :D

As for today, I'm awake making cupcakes for tonight's potluck at work. It's in honor of mine & Rachel's birthdays. Kinda late, yes, but our birthdays both fell within the 2 week range where we switched over to Meditech, and we didn't really have the time to do the potluck then. I'm making pumpkin spice cupcakes (at Maria's request; she was working on 2 North one night when I made them and she loves them) and white cupcakes with chocolate frosting & sprinkles at Rachel's request, as those are her favorite.

Not likely to be awake long after I make the cupcakes, since I need the sleep and my back was killing me earlier, prompting me to take a Vicodin. I think it's the way I've been sitting on the sofa with my laptop. Gotta pay closer attention to that sorta thing.
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Highlights from my day of photography on Saturday!

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More pictures from the DMB concert on September 29th. These were uploaded just last night, since the broadband connection here is MUCH better than at home.
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On September 29, 2009, the marvelous [personal profile] asqmh and I attended a fabulous Dave Matthws Band concert in North Little Rock, Arkansas, at Dickey-Stephens Stadium. HOW SO FUN?!

First of all: I ditched a computer training course at the hospital for this. Come on. How could I not?

We left at like 1:30 or 2-ish and drove to Little Rock. Q kept trying to take a nap but the fact that we cannot HELP but talk about fascinating & important subjects (like makeup, politics, cupcakes, religion, attractive men, fashion, and world peace) hindered the nap greatly. When we arrived in Little Rock we found the stadium right away. I yelled out the window to ask the waiting fans what time the doors opened, and they yelled back that it would be 5pm. We drove across the bridge to find a bathroom & kill a bit of time at the River Market, which I maintain is one of the coolest places in any large city. Seriously, anyone who comes to visit me from now on is getting a River Market visit. I love it so. We bought souvenirs there; beaded necklaces & earrings from a nice lady named Becky and sunglasses from a little tourist trap called Shop the Rock. Mostly so Q's retinas would not become charbroiled.

At about 4:45 we got back in the car and crossed the bridge again...very very slowly this time. Traffic was getting very bad in anticipation of the concert. We still got a pretty choice parking spot. I'm glad we chose to come down early & get in as the doors opened.
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