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Well, it appears I have a neck injury. I left the doctor's office with a steroid pack, a painkiller, a muscle relaxer, and an anti-inflammatory, as well as the instructions to come back to schedule an MRI if this pain doesn't clear up in a week. GREAT.

So far it is...not clearing up. I had rather hoped it would. I'm only on day 2 of the steroid pack, however, so I'm giving it more time. I won't be taking the painkiller for work for 2 reasons: 1) I can function on it and stay awake, but it does make me slightly fuzzy. 2) I need the pain as a reminder that I shouldn't be pulling people around. Or at least I should use proper body mechanics when I have to (because I will have to).

Incidentally, this injury is not due to improper body mechanics. At least not so far as I was in control. I had a combative patient who was going to jerk the staples out of an incision, and folks that had to be STOPPED. So I did what I had to do, and now I am sorta paying for it. Nice.

The fondue party was epic fun. In attendance we had

Jess & Zak
Alice (who always brings me bread!!! She's so on my List of Awesome.)
Jennifer (my LJ-less co-worker who was soundly chastised for not living on the internet)
Jodi & Kayli
Me & Bryan (Cause we live here)

The fondue was great. I had to experiment a bit; I bought only 1 bottle of Tire Biter (a Flying Dog golden ale) and it turned out not to be enough liquid. So I busted out one of my Woodchuck Ciders (amber) because I'd seen Alton Brown do it with that very stuff. The cheese was about a pound & 1/2 of red wax gouda with almost 1/2 lb of 18-month aged gouda for sharpness. It went VERY well with the rye bread that Alice brought and the hard-crust sourdough I had. We also had dates stuffed with goat cheese & wrapped in bacon. Everyone loved them except Jess, who had a texture issue. I get that. Those darn things are my major weakness, though. LOVE THEM.

A delightful time was had by all, Zak has some rather hilarious video on his iPhone, and I ended up with glowstick goo in my EYE. (I have it on good authority that this stuff is called luminol, but I like "glowstick goo".) For future reference, it is an EYE IRRITANT. It stung!! It was pretty hilarious when it happened, because 3 of us in the kitchen were nurses (me, Jennifer, & Jess). It got in my eye and we all just reacted instinctively to get me to the sink & start washing out my eye. It ended fine; my eye is perfectly okay, though my contact lens is a lost cause. :)

Zak is convinced that if Bryan & I move to Little Rock, I will steal his wife & he will never see her again.

Q & I went to Memphis on Friday night for to get some cheez. We ended up at Whole Foods because we could eat AND get the cheese there. As we sat eating supper and drinking our Very Fancy Sodas...we had an adventure )

On the way home Q & I decided that wheatgrass shots are the evil to which we will compare all other things. "At least it's not wheatgrass" or "Man, that's worse than wheatgrass". It's our golden standard of suckage.

This week I work Monday-Wednesday nights, and then guess what! Trip to Branson! My family used to do this thing every year where we went on a vacation to Branson. We haven't done it in YEARS now, so I'm pretty excited. We're going to Silver Dollar City to look at the lights they do every year (I can't wait to try to photograph Christmas lights), outlet malls to shop, etc. It'll be a very nice getaway & I'm stoked. Even more stoked because I won't have to drive! We're renting a big van. I will plug my head into my iPhone, jam out to DMB, & surf to my little heart's content.
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An interesting (humorous) article about demographics & choosing godparents for your kids. It's a humor column, but there's truth in this. Please note how the title of the album I'm listening to goes with the topic of this article. Yay!

Girls in Suits. A DELIGHTFUL Tumblr, via [personal profile] wintersweet.

And now, via [personal profile] bluecanarykit, Single serving pie in a jar. I...wow. I can't tell you how much I'm all over this. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!

This neat video explores what Earth would look like if we had rings like Saturn. The pictures are so pretty. It's just a neat thing to think about. It set my imagination going; what the rings would look like in sunrises or sunsets, how different landscape photographs would look. Just a simple photograph of mountains becomes so much more "science fiction" in my head when I think of Earth rings in the background. Anyway, very cool.

Had a delightful day in Little Rock with [personal profile] thejessone and [personal profile] asqmh and Ganon. WE HAD CUPCAKES. Also we played with makeup (Ganon had Sephora samples ALL OVER HIM) and we got to go to the River Market. I could just move into the River Market except for that part about how you can't live there because there are no apartments or anything like that. DETAILS.

Tomorrow I start 3 days in a row of work while Ganon & Bryan are off to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with the Texas Grandminions. I keep telling Bryan I'm going to be so lonely, but to be perfectly honest when I work 3 in a row, they hardly see me anyway. I come home and sleep, go out and work. That's about it.

On Friday I hope to sleep, wake up & head straight to Memphis with Q where we will buy cheese with which to create fondue (for those who've never been to one of our fondue parties before, I traditionally ask guests to bring things to dip in cheese or chocolate, and also to bring any drinks they might want). We will also be buying the goodies for chocolate fondue, I imagine.

On Saturday, first I clean the house...AND THEN WE PARTY.

And now...I sleep.
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Yesterday Q & I had conversations about everything on the way home. One conversation led to wondering how old Rashawn Ross (cuddly, adorable trumpet player for DMB) is, and that led to a Wikipedia lookup, which led to the discovery that Rashawn Ross was born in 1979: only 2 months older than me, 7 months older than Q. It's always weird to discover that someone you consider to be MASSIVELY, incredibly, mind-blowingly talented is your own age.

This led to a convo about mind-blowing talent; I am not starstruck by people who are just "famous", but I think that if I met someone like Rashawn Ross or Jeff Coffin or someone else who's sheer incredible talent I admire, I'd be a jibbering, stuttering, blushing wreck. It isn't because they're famous; after all, if you had never seen my Jeff Coffin icons, would you know him if you ran into him at the grocery store? He's not famous that way. But for me, running into someone like that at the grocery store, knowing what they do, listening to their music, feeling completely humbled by their talent, and there they are buying milk or mac & cheese or apples or cheetos...I'd probably go to pieces.

This led to another point in the conversation: I want, with all my heart and all the way into my bones, to be That Good at something. And offhandedly I remarked to Q that I'd just never found the thing I felt I could be that good at (or had the specific motivation to), and she pointed out that yes, I have. It's nursing, and specifically trauma nursing. She's right; I want to be known for being that person who stands in the treatment room, waiting for the stretchers to pour in after the multi-vehicle pileup, a rock of calm & not a trace of panic. I want to be that person who wades into dangerous situations and snatches other people out. I want people to remember their close calls and say "If it hadn't been for that redheaded nurse..."

Of course that's never going to make someone go into a pile of jibbering, blushing stutters at me in the grocery store, but I don't really care about that part. No, this is for ME. If I'm that good at trauma nursing, if I'm That Nurse, then maybe I wouldn't feel like I'd go to pieces if I met someone with that kind of talent. I want to be able to say "Yes, he's one of the greatest sax players in the world, and I am one of the best trauma nurses in the world."

If only I could learn faster! Get more experience quicker! This is the part where Q said "There you go again, eating the world with your eyes." Ha. Yes, well, I suppose Ganon got it somewhere, right? I've been at it for 3 months and I know I've learned a thousand things in that time--things that will make me a better nurse. Oh, but how I long for it to go faster! How I want to learn enough to feel relatively confident, and then go into the ER and then get into a trauma center and LIVE this thing that I have in my head! All the little things like work-related lacerations and broken bones all the way up to multiple trauma from a MVA or burns from a house fire. I want that NOW and I know I'm not ready for it yet. I just don't have the background. Why can't I get the background FASTER?!

But at least I'm progressing. I can see it. I'm in arrhythmia recognition now, and then I can take advanced cardiac life support. That's as far as they'll pay for me to go where I am currently, but then someday when I'm in ER, they will send me to advanced trauma life support and sexual assault nursing.

But I still need to get my tattoo, my compass that reminds me that this is a journey & not a destination. This is not someplace I'm going, this is something I'm doing. I need to stop being so impatient, so frantic to get on with it.

This has been another stream-of-consciousness life realization brought to you by the letter Q. Certainly one of my favorite letters. ^_~


Nov. 10th, 2009 08:04 am
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So Q & I went to Memphis yesterday & had Fancy Times. Mostly we just went to Sephora, visited a friend of Q's, went out to eat, & hit Whole Foods on the way home. It was fun. Let's see: one tidbit about each thing.

Friend of Q's: We said something at the same time and went on as if this was nothing (because it's been happening every time we're together for the last 14 years). This completely weirded him out. "You guys--you just---at the same time...O_O!" This amused us.

Sephora: I got this COOL lipliner. It's an extremely cool nude ivory, which is almost precisely the color of my skin. This is for doing a super neutral lip, which is a lot of fun with a crazypsycho eyeshadow. I'm considering getting a Pocket Rocket lip gloss from Urban Decay, but I decided to forego that yesterday. If I draw either Courtney or Ashley for Christmas gifts, I shall be getting them the Sephora Blockbuster color kit. <3

Eat: We ate at TGI Friday's...or is it just called Fridays now? Whatever. I had a pumpkin pie martini, which was okay. The flavor was great but it was watered down. Q had a black russian, which I tasted & found delightful. I think I'll try a white russian next time I'm somewhere that sells drinks. Q drank it on an empty stomach and then found everything like 3 times as amusing as she did before, and also she started talking without thinking. This is not typical of Q. We discovered our "tipsy types" are polar opposites. I usually say what comes into my head without a lot of vetting, and Q chooses her words carefully. When we are tipsy, I think about everything I say and am very intentional, and words just fall outta Q's mouth.

Whole Foods: Q stayed in the car while I just ran in quickly to grab a few things. We ate these gingerbread cookies on the way home and HOLY COW, I RECOMMEND. They're called Gianna's Handmade Baked Goods and they looked like they'd be crispy, but they WEREN'T. OMG. They're soft & incredible & full of real ginger and nutmeg. They're sweet & spicy and due to the real ginger, there's a lot of "mouth heat" in them, giving them the "sweet/hot" combination I ADORE so much. I didn't find the Lindt cherry-chili bar I wanted, but this took care of that particular craving. Far as chocolate goes, I found a dark chocolate bar with mango & cashew by "Seeds of Change". Have not yet tried it.

Then we headed home because Bryan was sending us texts that just said "foooooooooooooooooooood". I brought him something home from Whole Foods (London broil sliced beef & naan bread). On the way home we stopped at Starbucks because I wanted a coffee to go with the spectacular gingerbread cookies, and we had to go inside because we'd made each other laugh so hard that we had to use the bathroom. My darling BFF tweeted a photo of the bathroom door behind which I was..."communing with my bladder" as she puts it. Nice. Thanks for that, love. Then she made me burst into flames on the way home. It only took one sentence. New record.

Today I will be listening to music & catching up around my house. I didn't feel 100% awesome last week, but today I find myself feeling awesome, having free time, and motivated. AWESOME. How many more "awesomes" can I fit in this entry?
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On September 29, 2009, the marvelous [personal profile] asqmh and I attended a fabulous Dave Matthws Band concert in North Little Rock, Arkansas, at Dickey-Stephens Stadium. HOW SO FUN?!

First of all: I ditched a computer training course at the hospital for this. Come on. How could I not?

We left at like 1:30 or 2-ish and drove to Little Rock. Q kept trying to take a nap but the fact that we cannot HELP but talk about fascinating & important subjects (like makeup, politics, cupcakes, religion, attractive men, fashion, and world peace) hindered the nap greatly. When we arrived in Little Rock we found the stadium right away. I yelled out the window to ask the waiting fans what time the doors opened, and they yelled back that it would be 5pm. We drove across the bridge to find a bathroom & kill a bit of time at the River Market, which I maintain is one of the coolest places in any large city. Seriously, anyone who comes to visit me from now on is getting a River Market visit. I love it so. We bought souvenirs there; beaded necklaces & earrings from a nice lady named Becky and sunglasses from a little tourist trap called Shop the Rock. Mostly so Q's retinas would not become charbroiled.

At about 4:45 we got back in the car and crossed the bridge again...very very slowly this time. Traffic was getting very bad in anticipation of the concert. We still got a pretty choice parking spot. I'm glad we chose to come down early & get in as the doors opened.
This is long & has a metric buttload of photos )
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Just for my own personal enjoyment. Sometimes I think there's no way I'd have the first thing in common with Dave Matthews as a human (you should see his artwork on the most recent album; his brain must be PURELY artistic), and then he does an interview like this, and I realize we think very similarly about certain subjects.

Dave Matthews on racism & other stuff )

Shopping around on Sephora and OH WOW. I have a weakness for makeup kits. I like to have a lot of makeup at my disposal to make choices & achieve certain specific styles. Kits give me lots of picking & choosing options all in a glance.

Sephora PURE Natural Believer Palatte in Wanderlust. I love the greens & blues, and mixed with the browns these could be REALLY striking.

This, though...THIS is the big one. HOLY CRAP LOOK AT ALL THAT STUFF FOR ONLY $50! *twitches & falls over* All those lip glosses I could blend for effects (especially the purples + browns)! Those glitter eyeshadows to go over colors! Brushes! Cream eyeliners! Y'all I'm seriously drooling over this thing.

MWA HA HA! As I was looking at it, Bryan walked by. I showed it to him and his first statement was the same as my first thought: "I can't imagine how much that thing must cost." I told him, and his eyes went all big. "Well BUY IT, then! That's a crazy good deal!" I guess I only needed a little nudge, so I did! I'm now the proud owner of that extremely large Sephora makeup kit. *FLAIL* I can't wait to play with it!

I took a 2 hour nap today but that was it. Aside from that I've been awake since 3pm yesterday. I am pretty incredibly sleepy.

Went to a training on "building a culture of safety" this morning. It was good information; it's required for all hospital staff & I approve of the message. Especially on the floor, there are a lot of things we do, shortcuts we take, that can lead to life-altering events for patients if they happen at the wrong time. That doesn't need to happen, so we need to be more careful.

On Monday & Tuesday I have Meditech training. It's the new computer charting software for the hospital. I'm not looking forward to it for 2 reasons: 1) computer classes always bore the crap out of me. I'll be in a class with people going "double click? How do I double click?" or "I should click 'save' now?" and I'll be about 30 steps ahead of them, bored to tears. 2) DAVE MATTHEWS BAND on Tuesday night. The Meditech class ends at 4:30 so that should be more than enough time to make Little Rock by 7:00, but it doesn't exactly leave me lots of time to get prettied up for the concert. -_- Wait holy cow I have no idea what I want to wear yet. o_O
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I used to know this girl who might seem snobby. She used to avoid people she didn't know and she certainly avoided being photographed. Kinda in the same way most people avoid contracting H1N1 flu. She never paid much attention to her hair or her face or what she wore, and while that's not bad, in her case, I think it might've been to ensure she attracted no attention at all.

I don't know her anymore. Now I know this girl who has raging ruby hair because she got bored & likes color, who smells divine always & readily answers when people ask what she's wearing, who wears smoky green & gold eyeshadow & went in with me on a couple of rainbow stacks of ultra-pigmented mineral powders so we can do looks like red eyeliner & mango washes with pink mascara.

I once knew a finch, but she turned into a bird of paradise. I love them both. <3


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