Sep. 4th, 2016

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Friday Five from a couple of weeks ago!

1. Have you ever done something awful to your hair? What happened?
Not particularly, but do you remember when that layered bob was in style? Everyone called it the "Rachel" because Jennifer Aniston on Friends made it popular. I had something approaching that cut, though I styled it a bit differently. It looked okay on me, because I have a nice face shape for it, but looking back, meh. It just wasn't outstanding.

2. Conversely, at what time in your life have you looked your best?
I don't have a good answer to this question, because for the last 12 or so years, I've been super intentional about my appearance. Everything I wear, all my makeup, my hair--all of it is very intentional and I've considered exactly what it will express to most people. Because of that, whatever image I have now is exactly what I want to look like, and that's been true for the last 12 years.

3. Do you have a favorite article of clothing? Tell us what and why.
Oh, I do, I do. It's more like several articles, though, because it's all my custom-made eShakti stuff! I have 2 dresses and 3 or 4 skirts that are entirely bespoke: I took my measurements, chose my dress, and requested any alterations I wanted (like skirt length; I love 50s silhouette skirts just below the knee). What arrived in each case is a garment that is literally tailored to fit me. The dress I wore for the party after graduation is one of those dresses. There is nothing like putting something on and having it fit perfectly in every possible way.

4. Confess the worst fashion trend you ever succumbed to.
Hmm. I grew up in the 80s (born in 1979) so I lived through a lot of seriously questionable fashion decisions. I can't say I "succumbed" to those, though, because I didn't have a lot of say in what I wore before my teenage years! I went in for grunge in the late 90s, which coincided with my late teens, but I don't hate what I was wearing when I look back at that time. I mean, oversized flannel shirts and jeans are comfy and the right plaid can be adorable. I think I'm going to go with the huge fluffy bangs and spiral perm I had right when I was about 11 or 12. Think Reba McEntire in the 80s and early 90s. In fact, my hair looked exactly like hers, and I got told that a lot. It was in style then, but looking back now it's like ooooooo. Yikes. Also, my first pair of glasses was a huge, round-lensed affair with thick, clear, acrylic frames. Like, you've seen Barb on Stranger Things? I had those glasses. If I had been older during the 80s, I would've BEEN Barb.

5. Are there any clothing / fashion trends today that you simply don't understand?
I'm not so much the fashion police. For the most part, I'm perfectly content to wear what I want, and let others do the same as well. A lot of people get super judgmental about leggings worn as pants, but usually I'm just kinda "whatever" about it. EXCEPT when the leggings in question are the same color as the skin of the person wearing them! THEN it looks, from a distance, like the person is not wearing any pants. Do I think they shouldn't wear that? Nah, that's up to them. But the 8 year old in me is still gonna giggle at the idea of apparently pants-free people in public.

So I've been saying for a while I wanted a silicone wedding band I could wear at work. Obviously I do a lot with my hands, so it's better for me to avoid a metal wedding ring at work. Also there's the alcohol hand foam, which isn't great for metal and appears to react with it to tear my skin up under my ring. I'd wanted to see if a silicone band did that, and of course there's always the danger I could catch my ring on a bed or other piece of hospital equipment in a rush situation like a code.

So I got this one!
My silicone ring came in today! I chose @saferingz because I wanted more gender neutral options (unlike the brands that carry mainly pink & turquoise for women and black & camo for men). This is antique metal finish. It's so comfortable I've forgotten several times I was even wearing it!

It's from SafeRingz. I chose them because they had mostly gender-neutral options, and I didn't like the fact that Qalo & Enzo had basically turquoise and pink and peach for women vs. camo and brown and black for men. SafeRings has actual metallic finishes!

Here's a video of the ring in all its squishable glory:

I wore it all day yesterday and forgot I even had it on! Can't wait to see how it works at part because that means I'll be WORKING, and I'm still going stir crazy waiting on my privileges!

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