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So [livejournal.com profile] onceupon, in her alter ego as The Rotund, linked to a new plus-sized boutique, LucieLu. I am EATING IT UP. This stuff is GREAT! It's priced a bit less expensive than Lane Bryant (for example, the Delaney skirt is $36 and I would immediately expect that skirt to be about $50 at LB), a bit more than Avenue, as [livejournal.com profile] onceupon notes. The REAL hook, though, is the style of the clothing. These clothes are more on-trend, less career-oriented. Obviously that appeals to me because I don't need "career wear." My career has its own wear. :D When I'm out, it's cute time.

Let's go shopping!

The Delaney skirt.

The Patience skirt.

The Teagan dress, which I don't see on me but I think would look AMAZING on [livejournal.com profile] starry_midnight.

The Emme dress, which I would like very MUCH to see on me. I love the design, the colors...I love everything about this dress. This is such a Hillary dress. They should rename it.

The Eau Claire dress. Another awesome one. I love the simplicity; the beauty is all in the draping & in the way that one, simple design draws the eye.

The Audra dress. This one is vintage inspired, faux-wrap. It looks like the top part has an interesting cut, and I'd be really interested to see how that looks on an actual human.
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So I'm watching Lady Gaga's performance at the VMAs. It's on MTV's site, streaming, which annoys the pants off me. I hate streaming.

Anyway, of course it's a giant spectacle, but I noticed something. I have watched the video before. I despise it, of course; I think I've gone through this before. I don't like the use of murder imagery. There are victims of crimes (and families left behind) out there to whom I think that is offensive. It disgusts me. However, what I'm thinking about now has nothing to do with the imagery (also used onstage at the VMAs). It's her vocal register. In the original song & video, the song has a melody. It doesn't seem to have one, or at least the same one, at the VMAs. Specifically, the parts she sings much higher ("I won't stop until that boy is mine", "paparazzi"), she drops down quite low.

I really have no qualms about saying this woman is talented. From what I read I understand she writes a great deal of her own stuff: lyrics, music, and choreography. She's instrumental in creating her own look & image, and for that alone she's a brilliant PR person. She's quite good at most of what she does, but that whole live performance leaves me wondering "Can she actually SING?" Because she didn't, not really, at the VMAs. She "sang" but most of it was that Britney Spears-style half-talk-half-sing-half-whine, and then there was the whole dropping the notes down the scale. I wonder how much of her recorded voice is hers and how much of it is digitized? Or was she just focusing so much on the dance & the show that her singing took a back seat to that?

I'm scrubs shopping this morning. I needed 2 more pairs; I have 3 pairs and I work 3 days a week which sometimes puts me in a laundry crunch. Take today for example: I have a meeting to attend for new nurses, and I'm to attend in uniform. That means I'll have to come home immediately after the meeting today & wash whichever pair of scrubs I wear. So I decided I needed to sit down & order a few pairs.

My favorites are the Cherokee Touch line. They're so soft they feel like pajamas, but the colors stay very true despite a zillion washings and the fabric always looks...I don't know how to say what I'm thinking of. Professional is a good word. Most fabrics that feel like pajamas tend to LOOK like pajamas, but not this stuff. These look professional, feel comfortable, and are extremely durable. I've heard rumors they're getting rid of this line and let me tell you, I'ma stock up before that happens. I'll freaking CRY. I know exactly what size I wear in each top and pant, so if necessary I'll buy them all online. Which is cheaper anyway! See:

Contrast tie top in Ciel Blue. I just bought this top this morning. I also bought it in Royal Blue as well. I currently have three of the mock-wrap top: turquoise, royal, & navy blues. I paid about $20 for each of those tops. I paid $15 for each of the contrast tie tops this morning on Cherokee4Less. Yaaaaay! Also notable: I bought my pants for $22 apiece, but they're available for $16 on that website. Pretty excited. I'll need to have the tops altered, though. These don't have any side vents at all, and the XL tops aren't big enough around the hips for me. It's weird; the pants fit my hips just fine; shouldn't they make the pant's hips and the top's hips the same measurement? The mind boggles. Anyway, I'll take them by the cleaners, have them put a 6-inch side vent in, and tada! Perfect scrubs.

Now I am off to shower so that I may go to town early. Signing up for health insurance for me & Ganon (through work, so we can stop paying Blue Cross/Blue Shield $300 a month for crap insurance), rearranging my schedule for this week (so that I can work Wednesday night instead of tonight), and then off to the New Nurses' Informational Session.


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