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There are several things that fell by the wayside when I entered the BSN program. After a year of trial by fire, I know which ones I want to take up again--those things I craved and actively missed when I had no time for them.

# DDR! I'm going to get my DDR pad back out for the PS2.
# Vinyasa yoga. I haven't had any time for this at all, and during especially stressful periods I missed it like CRAZY.
# Chatting on AIM
# Cooking from scratch
# Photography: my entire family went in together and bought me an extremely expensive camera for graduation. It's a Sony DSLR-A330. I'm so excited I could explode, and PHOTOS WILL BE TAKEN. I wonder if I should get an extra battery for it? [I'm giving the camera in this photo, my very pampered Sony DSC-H2, to Courtney because she's lusted after it since I got it, and I wanted to give her something for housewarming that I KNEW she'd love.]

Good grief, y'all. I feel so FREE right now.
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These are some of my favorite flowers, and they also happen to be easily found at farmers' markets in our area. These were labeled as "sunflower bundles" but they obviously aren't traditional sunflowers, and I don't really think they're sunflowers of any sort. I think they're daisies of some flavor.

We had planned to wake up this morning and drive to Little Rock to check out the farmers market at the Rivermarket, and hopefully to check out the Riverfront park as well. However, when we woke up, Ganon had 100.4 degree fever and reported "I don't feel good, Mama." So that was out. I started dosing him up (I'm alternating ibuprofen/acetaminophen every 3 hrs)and as soon as he felt better, I thought I might take my chances with the ASU farmers' market. I'm so glad I did!

For less than $30, I got a reusable bag with the ASU Farmers' Market logo, a jar of pineapple jam, this bundle of flowers, and a pint each of cucumbers, sweet potatoes, peaches, green peppers and 2 pints of tomatoes. One of the pints of tomatoes was EXTREMELY ripe, so I went on a hunt for the cucumbers specifically to make the tomato & cucumber salad that [personal profile] velvetpage told me about. Moreover, there were something like 2 dozen vendors there! And the vast majority of it was local! Local tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, okra, peppers, peaches, and tons of melons. Everything I bought was grown within 50 miles of me...most of it within 25. One vendor had TONS of gorgeous produce and I thought at first he was a middle man from produce that had been shipped in; local produce is usually not this pretty. Turns out he's from about 10 miles up the road from me, on the Poinsett/Craighead County line on the other side of Highway 1. I was floored; I didn't even know there was a farm back there, much less one big enough to produce this kind of produce.

Pineapple jam is amazing, especially on leftover birthday cake. The cucumber-tomato salad that [personal profile] velvetpage recommended is amazing (the way I did it: 2 medium tomatoes, 1 medium cucumber, a dusting of large crystal kosher salt, a dusting of Mrs. Dash table blend, and enough reduced-fat olive oil mayo to make a light coating on all of it when tossed). I should've added in a chopped green pepper but I didn't think of it until just now. I haven't yet tried the peaches or sweet potatoes. We're roasting some of the sweet potatoes with brown sugar for supper.

I'm pretty glad I decided not to give up on ASU farmers' market. They said it's twice the size it was last week, even. I guess that when we hit peak produce season, all the farmers out there said "Why not?" and brought their stuff.

Back to Mr. Overlord: he's running a low-grade (100.something) fever and it's lasted all day. I can control it with the tylenol/motrin cocktail, and he acts a million times better when I do, but a nap that went through the medicine schedule confirmed that the fever does still come back when he isn't medicated. Poor little guy feels miserable. I feel so sad for him.

This week is my preceptorship, during which I follow one nurse through her whole week. I chose to do mine at the Jackson County Health Department, which is in Newport. I thought I'd get a better idea of community health there than I did during my admittedly short rotation in November.

Then it's over. Then we graduate and that's it. I get a job, I start working 3 12-hour shifts a week and leaving my job at work instead of coming home and writing research reports. I START GETTING A PAYCHECK. I am so relieved I could fall over.


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