Nov. 9th, 2016

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Nov. 9th, 2016 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 22:52: RT @ProBirdRights: if you scared and an fraid rebmember: i will be here after electin and I will do my birdest to spread bird all over this…
  • Tue, 22:52: RT @amaditalks: The elected officials of North Carolina SAID OUT LOUD THAT they were INTENTIONALLY suppressing the black vote, and look wha…
  • Tue, 22:58: RT @vesaldi: Person who probably won't die if Trump is elected: "Chill out, the numbers aren't all in yet." The rest of us:
  • Tue, 23:00: RT @RevDaniel: The thing about a Trump anti-establishment revolution is they want to overturn the govt, but have nothing stable to replace…
  • Tue, 23:03: RT @LeahNTorres: Trump has votes. People are perfectly fine with abusing, violating & dehumanizing half of our US population & a larger pa…
  • Tue, 23:04: RT @AliceSnedden: The most qualified woman in the world runs for President against the worst man in the world & this is what happens. I'm s…
  • Wed, 01:11: RT @DemiCaruso: RT If You Knew Americans Were Stupid But You Didn't Think It Was This Bad
  • Wed, 04:41: Here's to all y'all urban liberals who used to tell the rural ones just to move to a more progressive place. There's no such place.
  • Wed, 04:45: RT @stuckinspincycl: This is a nightmare.
  • Wed, 04:48: RT @AlishaRai: If you voted Trump, you may not see yourself as a sexist or a racist, but you're okay with sexism and racism. It's kinda t…
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