Oct. 22nd, 2016

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HOW UNFAIR! I hate when I have nightmares about work! *cry*

First, church and work were in the same building, so I went to church for a short while and when I came back, all of the computers had disappeared so I had no way of knowing which patients were mine.

The next one was a set of parents who were mad at me because they thought I had treated their kid for an asthma attack and sent them home on an antibiotic. The kid was out of my scope of practice age range (I don't take kids younger than 15 for anything except clear-cut orthopedic cases, in which case I don't go lower than 13 as my hard limit), which made me anxious right off the bat. Turned out another nurse practitioner had cared for them and prescribed an antibiotic for asthma exacerbation the way we do for COPD exacerbation--it's a preventative measure, which isn't really done under any other circumstances but COPD. Turns out, the other nurse practitioner was...Adele. The singer. I voiced my concern that, though she is a very talented singer, perhaps that did not make her terribly qualified to be a nurse practitioner. Then I woke up.

Looking back, that 2nd one is sorta funny but it was stressful at the time!


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