Oct. 21st, 2016

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Yesterday seemed like a good skip day.

Ganon was supposed to be taking a practice test for the ACT Aspire, which is the standardized test they take at the end of the year. This blows my mind, because the Aspire tests whether a child is on track to take the ACT itself...making the Aspire a practice test...thus making yesterday's test a practice test for a practice test. The profound absurdity of that just really got to me yesterday, heightened by the fact that my son is TEN YEARS OLD. That whole thing about how we test them to death is true. Plus, having an all-day practice test meant that they wouldn't be covering new ground, so Ganon wouldn't have make up work if he missed. Perfect!

So we planned to go to Memphis to shop at Whole Foods and get Gibson's Donuts, but on our way out to the car Ganon lamented the fact that Memphis didn't have a River Market, because what he really felt like was Big on Tokyo from the River Market in Little Rock. I told him that my car was capable of driving to either one, and for him to pick where he wanted to go most. He chose Little Rock. This turned out to be good, because Bryan was in Russellville, having gone to a conference with a coworker who teaches the other section of Essentials of Programming. He rode with the coworker, so that meant we could pick him up!

Ganon & I went to the River Market for the aforementioned teriyaki chicken. I had chicken jalfrezi and Bombay chicken from The Indian Feast. They give you SO MUCH FOOD. I was so stuffed by the end I could barely walk. We went to the Museum of Discovery and puttered around for an hour or so, then drove off to Russellville.

Russellville is in the sorta central western part of the state. It's on I-40, west of Little Rock. This time of year, that's a gorgeous drive, taking you from the Ouachita Mountains into the Ozarks. The trees are just beginning to turn, not at their full height of color yet, but it was still beautiful!

When we got to Arkansas Tech University, we drove around for a short while battling Pokemon gyms and getting Pokestops. I would bring the gym down and then let Ganon put a Pokemon up in it. :) He was rather thrilled.

Afterward we went to CJ'S Butcher Boy Burgers in Russellville, which makes QUITE an excellent burger! I wasn't entirely hungry, since I'd been so stuffed at lunch, but I still managed to eat half of it simply because it was so yummy. Ganon got a grilled cheese with bacon, which he declared "excellent" even though he mainly just ate the bacon out of it. ;)

Have some pictures from a most excellent skip day!
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