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To use a term I shamelessly lifted from [ profile] pondhopper, I'm feeling a bit dull. I usually feel this way by the end of the summer here in Arkansas, but it's so much worse this time thanks to the enforced boredom of not being able to work. I don't do well with idleness anyway, but in this weird limbo of having a job but not yet being allowed by the hospital to do it, it's making me a thousand times more restless than it normally would. We REALLY need the income, as well. I have neither the student loan influx nor the ASU clinical instructor paycheck I've had at this time during the past, and Bryan's paycheck is feeling the strain.

I get quite a bit accomplished when I'm like this, though, especially if I go ahead and take my methylphenidate even though I don't technically NEED it. I've done 5 loads of laundry today, mopped the basement, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and finished the class & written exam portion of the Advanced Cardiac Life Support recertification. You must be ACLS certified in an emergency department, since people try to die on you more than normal there. I only had to re-cert, since I've been ACLS certified in the past and simply let it lapse. It was really difficult to find classes to join for recertification when I didn't have an employer setting them up. I passed the written exam with a 98% and the education coordinator at St. B is going to perform the in-person "check off" portion for me on Thursday.

Also, thanks to [ profile] thejessone, I have a new memory aid in keeping two medications straight!This went a little long, and is about medication names & Southern accents )

I haven't written much here about my latest favorite TV show, so I figured it was time I fixed that.

I started watching Steven Universe upon the recommendation of several friends who have preferences in media that are really similar to mine, most notably [ profile] wintersweet. I didn't get the chance to really sit down with it for a while because of 2 things: 1) grad school, and 2) Ganon REALLY wanted us to watch it as a family after seeing the first 2 episodes. Since we currently weren't watching anything as a family (having finished both Avatar series that way), and seeing that the first few episodes looked funny, light-hearted with a somewhat serious undertone, and like they might teach valuable lessons, I was inclined to grant this request. But that meant our viewing time was limited to times when we were all home and in the mood to watch, and graduate school just really murdered that timing.

Then I graduated in May, and this summer we determined to watch through all the episodes. And oh my goodness. Part way through Season 1 it became clear the serious undertones weren't always going to stay "under." Thanks to Tumblr, I'd been spoiled through Season 1 & I knew the big reveal that happened regarding one of the characters. I'll put this in a cut for spoilers )
If you want to know why I recommend it without reading the spoilers, it all boils down to good characterization, lots of depth in the backstory revealed in tidbits, and an amazing soundtrack. Additionally, here are lessons I've noticed in this show:

# Relationships can be healthy & beneficial, even when others disapprove
# Good relationships make people better than the sum of their parts, but can fall apart if the team members aren't in sync
# You can't avoid consequences or feelings
# Some relationships are unhealthy, & some people feel compelled to continue them for the wrong reasons
# Sometimes you're gonna have to fix problems you didn't make
# Bad things may have happened to you in the past, but you need to communicate with others about them and accept them or they'll eat you up
# Sometimes good people do terrible things
# The world is complicated!


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