Aug. 27th, 2016

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As previously mentioned here is the house I love so much. In keeping with my tendency to name my houses, I have already dubbed it Redwood House. It sounds like a place where a writer might have a retreat, or where a lady might sit at her writing desk and send letters to her friends (which second scene I fully intend to make happen).

It's an older house, which is something I love. My favorite home designs were built in the 70s and 80s. This is a split level with essentially 3 floors to the house: the entry, den, guest bedroom, and a laundry/bath on the first level, the living, dining & kitchen on the middle level, and the bedrooms on the top. There are 3 sets of stairs all together; one from the entry to the living room, one from the living room to the bedrooms, and one from the den to the kitchen. The house gets its name from the real redwood siding, which is the first thing that drew me to it. Without having to be painted, it's easily the most colorful home on the block.

Other huge draws: the yards are both already landscaped, and I would simply have to maintain it. The en suite bathroom has an enormous walk-in closet, two sinks, and a bathtub I can sit down in (unlike the small, 1970s bathtub I have now). There's a deck out back with a tree growing up through it, which is SO COOL. The laundry room isn't in a basement the way mine is now; I didn't think that would make it less accessible, but it really does. In Redwood House, the laundry is just off the den, which is just adjoining to the guest bedroom. In the guest bedroom is a panic room! The back wall of the guest bedroom closet pushes in, and there's a finished panic room with a built-in desk and a bit of storage. How cool is that? There's a workshop out back that we aren't sure what we would do with, except to keep things that we store in the garage now, perhaps. The entire north wall of the living room is a stone fireplace wall. I adore it!

There are some drawbacks; mainly, the entire kitchen would have to be remodeled. This is an unfortunate reality of loving homes built in the 70s/80s. They all have very small, closed off kitchens paired with formal dining rooms. That's just not how we eat today; especially not my family. We much prefer a larger, eat-in kitchen. There's an entire wall I'd want to lose, if we could manage to build an island there instead. There's also kitschy painted floral tile, and that's not my bag; I prefer clean lines in vivid, contrasting colors. It's far too much house for only 3 people, but I have grand ideas of my friends coming to visit me from far-flung places, so I actually would like to have a guest bedroom again. So [ profile] stripedsocks and [ profile] lkemp can come see me!

All the drawbacks can be fixed, though, and I love the house enough to really want to do it. I can't wait until it's a possibility. <3


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