Feb. 12th, 2016

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I really hate ADD fog. The medication wears off and suddenly the fog rolls back in. The sound of the fireplace is exactly as important as the next word I type. I can't block it out. I can't block anything out...so nothing gets in. It's maddening and it makes me so ANGRY that somewhere out there, someone abuses the medication I take to force my brain into thinking straight.

Well. I don't want to be all crabby lately, so let's go with a Friday Five to see if I can manage a little focus.

1. Are your "LJ friends" friends to you, or just acquaintances?
A little of both. I've known some for YEARS and those people are absolutely friends. Others are newer & still more like acquaintances, but I like them nonetheless and I hope they will become friends. :)

2. How do you feel about modern feminism?
I'm quite the feminist. I do think we've allowed white feminism to define the movement, unchecked, for far too many years. I think we need to pay more attention to intersectionality and the way it affects certain women. Yes, we're all women, but women isn't all we are--there are many other things that affect our lives and they interact in complicated ways with each other. That woman is black, this woman lives in rural poverty, I am fat--these things are all inextricably linked with our status as women.

3. Do you look down on people for their LJ habits, or do you think everyone's entitled?
Oh I'd never judge someone over their LJ habits. It can be whatever someone needs it to be. There aren't rules about how it works & how it doesn't.

4. Have you ever been flamed? If so, what for?
Not here. I've been trolled here (someone once called me a "meaty whale," which remains the single most amusing insult anyone's ever flung at me & frankly it's shocking I haven't put it on a shirt yet). I've seen flame wars erupt with distressing frequency on my Facebook, though. I like to post links there; this article I found interesting, that editorial I agree with, this write up of a bit of research. I have never been particularly quiet about my opinions there, either, and often when I support something which is not popular with conservative Republichristianity, the flames erupt again. The majority of my family disagrees with me dramatically about those things. I once had a good half dozen of my friends arguing with my younger brother about religion. Yikes.

I've given Facebook up for Lent this year. The fact that it's an election year really, truly makes me want to give it up for the rest of 2016.

5. What is it about LJ that keeps you posting here?
I couldn't put a single reason to that. I'm not sure. I like the ability to get the thoughts out of my head in long form (unlike the short blurts that Twitter allows for). I like the interactivity of comments. I like the security of a friends' only journal. All of that, I suppose.

I was nominated yesterday for the nursing 40 under 40. This is a list by the Arkansas Action Coalition; they choose the top 40 young (under age 40) in the state for a particular profession, and then they give them this award. I'm THRILLED to be nominated, and especially since the person who nominated me is one of my former nursing instructors who is now a colleague. We will know by the end of March whether I've gotten the award!


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