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You can hear so much more depth in a song when you listen in headphones. The inability to hear anything else brings out such detail.

I am aunt of the year. My gift to my 2 year old niece upon the occasion of her birthday? 250 DumDum lollipops.

Had a super crappy day at work Friday, which involved working a 16 hour shift. I did not INTEND to work a 16 hour shift; I wasn't mentally prepared. It was one of those crappy things that sometimes happens, & I saw a way to fix it (which would improve the stays of several patients). So I stayed 4 hours over to make it happen. But holy cow, what a long day! I was so tired on the way home that I judged it SAFER to call Bryan & talk the whole way home while I drove than to risk falling asleep. At least there are few people on the road at 11pm in Jonesboro.

I'm tired now, too, so how about a few more pictures, then I'm off to bed. Included: I drew a video game character for Bryan in Draw Something, & I'm rather proud of it!

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So that even if this test DOESN'T go my way tomorrow, it'll still be a great memory.

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